Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I melted

My battle is finally over now, I made it!!! I finished my overnight shift for 8 consecutive days. I actually love the work, but ... I don't like the day off part where you will not feel like you have an off day at all coz you finish at like 8am and you have to work the next day. So, it kinda sux. Nothing has been happening lately, so ... I have run out of idea what to blog of.

I know this has been a frequent complaint from me anytime, anywhere ... but I still have to say this. Today, is the day that I face the afternoon sun after 8 days of not coming face to face with the sun. I feel like I have an afternoon sun phobia now, as my eyes couldn't open, my skin got red, and pain obviously.

Well, don't even mention the afternoon sun as morning sun alone is enough to make my skin irritates. I have been here for all my life, but somehow ... the longer I stay here, I realize that the more that I cannot take the heat of the sun here haha. How weird.

Wondering why is it that my blog has been loaded with words and only words ... reason being too tired to edit and not that I have many pics with me anyways.

I am dragging myself to Saturday, as I will be working at least 11 hours that day, and that's like a nightmare come true for me. I know that I did that before, working from 1pm til 11pm in F&B in Geneva, but that's different!!! Coz ... I don't even know why. But, it's just different haha. Sigh .. probably I will edit some pics later or tomorrow .. let's see. Omg ... so fast ... 20 days to go o.O


snail~ said...



good luck for prepared ya.. (totally no sarcasm added)

oh yea, i think ltr on, u'll take pics in klcc :p

jasonphoon said...

what is going on in 20 days ???

take care chou chouuu , get enough rest and sleep well !

Mochii said...

snail: congrats on what? working 11 hours? -_-

chou chou: chou chou, my birthday hahaha :p you too rest well with Bob :D

snail~ said...

congrats on finishing ur battle le =.=

a^ben said...

what u work as owh??

Mochii said...

snail: another battle on saturday -_-

a^ben: haha ... erm ... in a hotel :D

snail~ said...

urm....ganbatte~ :p

btw, do u need field medic? or perhaps..magic? :p .hehe

Mochii said...

dont be lame thank kiew