Monday, September 3, 2007

Movies updates

And so .. I covered a few more movies since Transformers.

I haven't been watching movies ever since I started working. I just could not find the time to spend 3 hours to watch a movie. 2 hours for the movie, 1 hour probably to go and back in addition with the time to find parking and all. Sigh!

Yeah~ so a couple of weeks ago, I had a day off on a weekend or was it not a weekend, I could not even remember. Those things are not important, but the most important is ... the movie and the people I watch with.

You know what movie? Ratatouille ... omg!!!! I have been eyeing this movie since June when I went to Euro Disney in Paris and I saw the poster there!!! Omg! I could not believe it that I watched it already? I lurve this movie to bits!!! It's related to what I have studied too!!! hehe. It's definitely one of my fave movie, and and .. it's a rat!!!!! a very close call to what people used to call me =.= one of the many nicknames that I have. AND ... it's French, and it's held in a restaurant!!! My in-training ... french ... omggg .. it's so much related!!! omg!!!

That day was a very special day too coz I went to watch with 7 other people. But, guess what? I felt so lonely, and I felt so lost as I went to watch with 2 different families. Coincidently, I was sitting in-between of 2 families. I was sitting in the middle, on my right was Kylie and family, includes, Kerry, Keith and Karen while to my left was Oink's family, or you can call him Marcus now, a so-called glamour name given by Shaz haha. His side were his sister and a family friend and he has to keep it a secret about this friend until that moment we saw him =.= but seriously, I don;t even know if I should say I watched with one family or 2 families as Oink now says that he's Kylie's sis. *cabuts*

Well, on a nearer date, not that long ago, probably a week ago, I went to watch Rush Hour 3 with Piggy, after so many reviews on that movie. I will not rate this movie as a dang good movie, but just an average one, and of course it depends on how you perceive it. If you are looking for a good story line, this is not the movie for sure. But, if you are looking for laughs after a stressful week and all, this is the movie. Omg ... it was held in Paris ... and omg ... I was there ... and omg ... I actually understood some French words that they were saying in the movie!!! OMg!!! C'est gentil :D it really reminds me of those fellas back during in-training coz they always say those words. Plus, when the chinese guy were caught in the room, he was cursing, like what I used to hear every single day hehe. Plus, when the guy asked those guys to put their hand on the head in French, I actually understood it :o


tIcKLe`Me said...

i thought ratatouille was just ok ok.

and shaz is now, YOUR shaz? wow, ada cerita ke? :D

jasonphoon said...

i want to watch ratatouille too :(

claudine said...

naik giler ar? so excited about the movie. :P

Mochii said...

sp: personally i like it very much, coz it's very much related to me, from the industry to the language lolz :p ada cerita ... iaitu .. cerita dongeng :D

gee peh: chou chou .. you come back we go watch together okie haha

claud: hahah yesh la ... this is only my 4th and 5th movie :p

tIcKLe`Me said...

haha yea, a lot people liked it. i like how it shows the kitchen's behind the scene. :D but it's the usual happy ending type lor. :( nobody died. :(

§pinzer said...

i see u are an antagonist :|

Mochii said...

sp: i dont go watch movie to have a movie where people die in the end all the sad ending, damn tak suka .. coz sudah stress banyak cannot watch this kinda movie haha

oink: haha i know ur a protagonist .. coz ur an oink, one and only one hahaha