Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wishes 1

It was the 25th of September that day ... and I was exceptionally happy. No, it wasn't because I had to work til a bloody 1am =.= But, it was my birthday ... yeah yeah I know, I turned 23 dont laugh. Feels so good to turn 23 on a home soil. Everything also sweeter. hehe. I don't have to spend my birthday in such a quiet environment, where you don't even know if there are any other humans out there. Yu Wen thought I was plain mad coz I smiled to her without reason =.=

For those who attended dinner, thank you for coming

For those who wished me ... thank you too, in any means of communication :p no matter you are a human or any other species. Ahem~ haha.

Behh the Goat: Hally Birthday! May u grow older in age, none d wiser hehe im shocked can still remember haha

Mann: Happy Birthday, you're working now or out celebrating? working~

Jacqueline: Sweet sms 4 sweet Michele fr jac 4 a sweet reason at a sweet time on a sweet date(25th) in a sweet month(sept) & sweet year(07) Have a sweet day blessed n Happy Bday dalz, may god shower you with his rich blessings n celebrated with loves ones, hugz mucks.

Mutter: May you have good health, success in your caeer happiness in your life .. always. Happy Birthday sedang sakit haha

Lalang: Sakai laling happy birthday you saw friendster wan .. =.=

Syifa: Hi I'm your long lost friend and I juz wanna wish you happy birthday it's been so long hope you're doing well may your dreams and wishes come true. omg after 3 years :o

SP: Wah bday girl so bz kerja ka Happy 19th bday ok sp tersayang


jasonphoon said...

happy birthday chou chou !!

May all your wildest dreams come true.

I know how it feels to celebrate your bday in a foreign place with not much friends around. Lucky I found a few before my bday :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

chou chou,
ada hadiah tak?


Mochii said...

chou chou: hehe thank kiew merci bien eh no im sory should be arigatou haha :p yeah it does feel lonely hehe

iwan: tak ada haha u call me or call chou chou as chou chou hahah :p

Iwan Sanchez said...

call u lah..

tIcKLeMe said...

i juga ada nyanyi lagu masa you tengah 'undressing'. kakakaka. :P