Monday, October 15, 2007

22nd Birthday - Hopping from Steamboat to Dessert

Filled and full with the indulgence of food called steamboat, we already planned. More like a last minute plan. DN and I went driving around looking for some bakery but none to be found .. sadly. As we thought that all the plan was ruined, one shop came to our rescue. They might not have cakes, but ... they do have desserts ... ice cream and brownies that is and it's good enough. So, before entering the steamboat restaurant, we hopped into this and placed our order and told the guy so and so and so. So yah~

How do you feel if you eat Haagen-Dazs? Baskin Robbins? Lecka Lecka? New Zealand's natural ice cream? Let's not talk about Swensen's. Great? Awesome? Marvellous? And you thought you could never find any other better ice cream in Msia already? Afraid not, coz there is one. It is called the Moevenpick ice-cream and the best part is it is from the beloved place of mine called Switzerland and it is the best ever ice-cream. However, I don't feel that it is as good as the one in Swiss. But, as long as there is one, I am happy enough. I thought only Marche has it, but who knows .... omg, even in Sunway. You know how happy was I? VERY indeed.

This is the result of having steamboat - red face and I have no idea why. I saw other tables and their face was all normal =.=

Pics were taken before birthday girl came out from the toilet or rather known as WC and pronounced as Weh Seh haha

Finally the brownies came as we have planned ehehe ... we told the guy that it's someone's birthday

Btw, I am having my day off today which is ... MONDAY ... MONTAG ... LUNDI ... so I can celebrate Raya with you all mentally as I will be home patheticly BUT ... I am not as pathetic as somebody thinks I am haha.


Iwan Sanchez said...

eat steamboat, muka can red one ar?? haahhahaa!

it seems like u are in love with SWISS!!


Mochii said...

hehehhe eat steamboat why face cannot turn red
steamboat - hot - heat - face red
hahah yesh swwiss is paradise :P