Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finit 10

Today is the day that Mr. Grand left us. He's such a sweet guy .... I'm bloody serious. I know that days are short, I only spent few days working with him, but .. he helped me out a lot, and he's such a sweetie. Days are too short hehe.

Kitt also had finished her training already and her classes had started, nobody will disturb me while I'm busy or free already. Mamaaaa .. miaaaa!!

Mr Mignon is not here anymore too, he broke my heart because he left booo!!! He's like the nicest ever manager in my entire life. No kidding. It feels so different now. He used to buy food and asked me to eat, he was very patient and he even helped me with MY work o.O na rak sial. Bless him.

On a similar case in a different environment, different location ... Geneva!! This is the 10th part ... alright I'm serious this time around, it's finishing real real soon. How I wish that I am still there HEH. Haha. Oh well ... just let me dream and wish okay, say nothing. Life's tough there but it's peaceful there and learning to appreciate the calmness and the peacefulness is just something that I cannot achieve here. I know not many people there but ... life's so much easier, nothing is complicated and everything is straight forward. Nobody annoys me there except during working hours.

Don't you think he looks like E.T? Hehe ... no, I did not say that, but my beloved manager told me that LOL. Not me not me .... my manager hehe. So mean then come to think of it, it's true. He does look like one hehe.


Iwan Sanchez said...

i miss reading posts abt ur time in swiss.. hahahaha!

not really lah.. he dun resemblance an ET at all!!!


Mochii said...

hehe ...

i should have travelled more heh ... but too bad, no time no money = work ahahah :p

i do think that he resembles ET ... perhaps real life he resembles more hahah :p