Monday, October 8, 2007

Funfzig RInggit and bday wishes

This is so not my style, but I am gonna blog ... bout the most boring thing in this universe. It's called work. Extraordinary because of certain reasons.

In my entire life, the highest tips I got was only 80 CH per month. We don't convert it, dollar to dollar exchange. 80 ch tips per month in Swiss is like beggar coz it's superbly little. VERYYYY little as they divide into the few commis. SAD, isn't it.

In KL, I really don't expect any tips from guests ... and who knows I do get once in awhile. It gets me motivated to work really. Today can be written in history. This guest booked a room through his friend via internet the night before and we don't actually get the booking until RSVN open the next day. He arrived when they just open so we couldn't really check and even with all the hassle he was with his calm and never-mind look and was really patient unlike some other businessmen. I was really lazy to escort. Since that I had nothing to do, I decided to assist my colleague and man, I never regretted it. He gave me 50 bucks.

I called to his room later on to confirm on the room rate coz we then found his bookings and my colleague forced me to call him =.= then alright I called and blah away with the rates and God knows what, he actually asked me out for coffee and if I'm gonna work tomorrow and where am I going after work and stuff like that and all the non-related questions. Freaky sial!!!! I rejected n a pro way hehe.

Funny things happen hahaha.

and and .... last post for my bday wishes :P

Mann: happy birthday!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Nanie: happy bday beautiful !!! lots of love from malaysia xxx ♥

Moo: happy birthday michilogy!!! woooo...!! hutang your b'day pressie first :P

Dik: happy birthday kakak!

Elaine: Happy BIRTHDAY - Michy!!

Lober: Happy Birthday Lober!!!!! May you have the best b-day ever and have many many more happy b-days to come ^_^ *muaks muaks!!*

Dan: happy birthday swiss gal! hope you're wearing your cool watch tonight.
hahaha yesh Oz boy :D

Zoe: Happy Birthday~~~~
woah all the way from Michigan

Rahul: Michele eh...happy birthday...hope u r having lots of fun today...
ahaha rahul eh ... must add the "eh" behind ... I disturbed him last time and he called me back like that and it sticks until now after 3 years

I-Mae: Happy birthday to dear worker.since i m a good employer i have decided to give u a holiday. no nit to thank me. kaka...........getting old.......... good. join d club.
If any of you are wondering if she is my boss, answer is yes in the virtual world hehe and many people really thought that we worked together lolz

Beng Beng: Happy Bday !

Jojo: michy! happy bday to u! many happy returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michellleee,,, happy bday!!! wish u all the best now and then.. take care sweety,, kisses!
omgggg from swiss sialll

Ah Boi: Happy Birthday ah gurllll
omg from London sialll

Omgggg ... SP and Clod dedicated one post for me siall ... omggggg .. not to forget Abg Iwan, Chou chou and lots more, you know who you are


Iwan Sanchez said...

eh.. the man so gatal ar??

is he good looking???

u are so pretty mah, of cos will attract guys.. hahahahaha!

Mochii said...

yeahhh laaaa n today h came to check out i cabut sial lolz pretend busy hhehe :D

Iwan Sanchez said...


kalau dah jodoh, what to do kan..

lucky u got mentioned my name, if not so sad sial... hahahahaha!!

tIcKLeMe said...

wah, got my name too!! :P *big apple sp*