Saturday, March 31, 2007

fun sial

Goodness ... yea really omg. Damn fellas no life -_- I only signed out at 1.05 am and that also not like all of them left, there were still 2 tables =.= and supposingly I work schedule 3 for the whole of next week .. who knows?????? They just have to change me into schedule 4 ... sigh, dont have to check schedule already ... coz will be 4 anyway. Dang! How much "better" can it get? Yea I'm damn "happy" to be getting that shift, oh man :D I'm so deeply touched :D haha.

2 days ago, I bumped into Nadia after work, my goddd ... so happy lei .... :D :D :D then who knows ... after few minutes I bumped into DJ o.O same place as I was standing there talking to Nadia :D :D

anyway ... continue ...

hhaha ... siao

this is my beloved room - before me was sujeevan, then me and now Arm and Ivan

sorry, editted til bit blur


finally ...

AND ...

for those who wanna know the link from where I got the horoscope from, here it is --> Buzzle. True or not I dont know, I simply googled it out. If you go to that page, it's not a horoscope site, if you wanna find out bout yours ... type in "sagi" "capricorn" or whichever applies to you at the top right corner. From there, choose whichever you want, danke shoen. Ciao.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The lions ROAR

Since that SP and Dolphania requested for Leo, I googled from the same site I took of Libra. So, all Lions, read carefully ;)

Generally, the images that each sign bears, by and large distinguishes the characteristics of the person belonging to it. We start with Leo’s this time, the brightest of the lot and yet the ones that are most despised at, after of course Scorpions. As we were taking about facial features, it‘s also interesting to note that each person belonging to the specific sign, actually begins to look like the symbol, he o she is born under!

The Roaring Lions

Of course this is not a hard and fast rule that every Leo should look like a lion, there are certain features that distinctly resembles their well being! For instance, most Leo’s have slightly to very high cheek bones, resembling a lion. Most of them are proud to belong to their cult, irrespective of what it may be, either zodiac or gender. But as a rule, whether culture moulds them into being one, they all possess horrible tempers, are largely prudent in their approach, mean serious business and innately have this universal feeling of ruling the world.

Be it Arnold Schwarzenegger or Robert De Niro, or even Madonna, each Leo possess this ardent need to be seen, and loved! Most of them are hard workers and can go to any length to achieve their means. Like lions, Leo’s intrinsically have really bad tempers and the Fire in their sign only add more fuel to get them going. Besides being boisterous in their approach, they can at times do with logic to accept the norms in society. But then here too it really needs to be steeped in logic for it to be accepted!

Jealousy, a second nature
Jealousy is actually a Leo’s second nature, almost as comparable to his first! You can live with a Leo if you agree to accept his/ her terms! If not, then as Milton put it, "Hell would break loose!" Although most of them are emotionally deranged, especially in love, it’s not surprising for an Aquarian to put up with them, with oodles of flattery, despite it being an opposite sign, though of course, not for long. But to ask them to be accepting, they can only on their own terms.

The really strange part is that they seem to make millions on their own thanks to this feature! Whatever do I mean? Well, it’s a wee bit complicated, but I’ll explain. Since jealousy is their second or first nature, it actually works well for them. Wanting to score a point over everyone being their ardent goal, Leo’s surprisingly take this on to their advantage! They slog like there’s no tomorrow for that short span of brightness that springs them back into limelight. It is no wonder that even at the wrong side of 40, Madonna still gives a youngster a massive complex!

What’s really interesting about them is the fact that despite going around with humongous egos, they still don’t their confidence to be shattered, especially not for long; one of the many things that we need to learn from them! And it is perhaps this confidence that makes them succeed in life, one of the reasons for their ‘never-say-die-attitude! Most of them love nature and natural things as nature teaches them their lessons in life, in the most subtle manner! One of the things I’ve learned from Leo’s is how to politically manipulate and get your job done, and make all the noise in the world about it.

Of course it wasn’t possible to blow one’s own trumpet all the time, the people belonging to this sign definitely teaches one to live their lives to the fullest! Something that we all need to learn from them! Since most of us exist, drag each day after the other, but rarely get to live it to the full circle! Most of us brag, complain about what we should have received in life, I guess it’s people like these who make us believe in ourselves, especially the fact that if you cannot love yourself, you can’t love anyone!

Blog will be updated tomorrow during my break time or after work as I am DEADLY tired today despite the fact that I was given the permission to leave at 10.30, still .. feeling really exhausted.
So .. laterz

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mao ...

*check laptop* oh it's the 29th of March ... which means, it's now exactly 3 months before I bid goodbye to Swiss and Hello Malaysia ... lahh .. coz it's Visit Malaysia 2007 haha :p okay BengBeng, I will try to inform you ;)

SO .... here it goes ....

This is DAMN KAU chun SIAL ... the smell, the scent, can kill you off anytime, anywhere ... and it's really tempting. You cant resist the temptation ... like what happened to Arm :D We finished it like just within seconds coz it's just damn nice ... arrgh ... but ... bought only one .. chiewwww...

That's Barcardi ... and dont have to take close up pic .. it's available everywhere -_-

Who want to drink? :D :D ey ... we didnt drink since December okay :p

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Born under the sign of the scales, there is a marked note of them always involved in the balancing act. And because most of them are born bright, there is little for them to worry in this world. They are not known to be the aggressive lot and believe in living life to the fullest.

Most Librans maintain a cool disposition as most of their time is spent in understanding their set priorities. More often than not they tend to be most successful because of their analytical powers. Being the charmers of the zodiac, they have a good mix of work and pleasure. They are known to be well dressed and appreciate those who are. Most of them follow the fashion and trends according to their calculations and according to what they feel would suit them.

Being the balanced people that they are, their more involved in professions that require serious thinking. A great place for them to be is the field of Internet Technology or even the medical line. Although the best surgeons are Scorpions, for their quality of being utterly aggressive, Librans on the other hand also have an inclination towards Philosophy. It’s not difficult to understand why.

Most lawyers, thinkers and creative geniuses are either Librans or Aquarians. It is no wonder to mark that they all vibe very well with each other. Librans are also known to be extremely forthright. They have a history of thinking, analysing and speaking their mind. And at most times, they are fairly accurate. Perhaps the most interesting sign after the Capricorn is Libra. Most men as Librans make excellent husbands.

They have a common trait of bringing in comic relief to people’s lives. A number of theatre artistes who have their heads steeped in creativity, especially those who understand and pursue comedy as a serious profession are Librans. Paired with Aquarians and they are at their creative best. It is also one sign who surprisingly does not waver in terms of making decisions. It is only their excessive analysis that leaves them to be absolutely confused. Most times, they never admit that they are confused, they merely claim that they require a second opinion.

Physical Traits
As people, you can spot Librans to have the most original smile, making them the charmers of the zodiac. Irrespective of how demanding or trying the situation may be for them, Librans are known to take it in their stride. You’ll never find a stressed or grouchy Libra, and at most times, they are great listeners, thereby making them logically powerful orators. They are one sign who takes things as it comes, without the unnecessary burden of stress. Librans are also lovers of the aquatic world, this may not be true for all but for a large spectrum of people, it is. They are the ones with a deep interest in nature as well as natural remedies. This again is quite logical for a hyper enthusiastic person would demand instant results. Of course successful Librans do tend to be highly lethargic as they believe that their goals in life will ultimately be achieved and that being aggressive would ruin some interesting moments in life.

The only thing that is perhaps tailor made for them is that they are and are generally occupied as it were in getting these sorted out. They prone to skin infections, don’t easily get angry, but in case they do it would only be as long as a bubble burst. The best known sons, daughters and husbands, you could always depend on a Libra for your best friend.

So if you ever want to have a really smooth life, (if there is something like that!) you could always rely on a Libran. They are best paired with Aquarians and Scorpions alike. Aquarians because their creativity is best unfurled with them. And interestingly, they get along equally well as an Aquarian is best known for his hyper active and aggressive side, Libra gives in his most valuable and pleasant 9read as complacent) approach to the Scorpion.

whoa damn long .... where are the bad side of Libran =.= *bold font are the ones which is true or those I think it's true or maybe it's true* others I dont know, or not true, or I have no idea myself haha

From bus stops to INSIDE the bus

Ey ... I changed my name already haha no turning back okie :p

Anyway .. continue from the previous post, still at the bus stop haha ... ey only one bus per hour after 8pm. So, forgive us, it's not a crime. Rite? rite? rite? No? okay left.

Noch hier ... ja ja .. still here haha

and still waiting aka warten aka tunggu

coming coming ... instead of taking to Bahnhof right away, we took towards Horw .. and took 20 to Bahnhof as bus 20 takes lesser time to Bahnhoft compared to Bus 21

Wegscheide ... the bus stop that is located near Otto's, that has some really cheap stuff haha and the place that leave really great moments :D hehe ..

He's sitting here, she's sitting there, newspaper flooded the place, and came the newspapermen, one in the phone booth and others were on the streets camping

haha ... :D

Then ... we reached Bahnhoft, off we ran to the place we supposed to go and got it done less than 5 mins .. and and ... we got onto the bus .. hoooray! eh perfect angle, dont look that chubby here haha

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hanging out @ Kastanienbaum bus stop

After our dinner at Song Pi Nong, we headed back to IMI ... I mean, I have to no matter what as Poom asked me to pass a letter to reception ... then as we were hanging out, we saw Mr curry haha ... and just the day before that, I saw someone looked like him in Geneva o.O

So anyway .. after few hours chilling out, we decided to go to town to buy some beverages :D from ... Bahnhof

This is the bus stop of Kastanienbaum ... oh damn I miss this place .. langsam[slow]

I like this pic of Yu Wen, very nice feeling ... ;)

and I shall turn the opposite way haha

after standing so long, it's time to sit ... tired ... haha ...

Even though I was there for 6 months, I didnt know there's a nice place to take pic at Kastanienbaum ... well usually you wouldnt know it when it's right in front of you and will only realize it once it's gone ... I mean not to say that it's GONE la .. but .. it's the deeper meaning of it .. you know what I mean

Nickname changed

It's official ... nickname will be changed from Nyokk to Mochii right after this post. Haha ... dont have to crack head anymore, dont ask me what is that ... but somehow it's my nickname now :D

So many people had helped me and suggestions are very much appreciated.

oh mein gott!!! :D

Say goodbye to the name Nyokk, and grüezi to the name Mochii ;)

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Few weeks ago, probably 2 ... I met up with Yu Wen :D and we went to our normal favourite place to eat. Where? Of course our beloved Song Pi Nong in Luzern.

It has been such a long time that we did not eat there together ... nicht zusammen

Neng cola ... now so used of saying Coca instead of Cola already haha .. Coca is being used in the French part while Cola is being used in the German part ... and Msia .. coke haha and they are now using a smaller glass haha cute .. na rak na

After flipping through the menu aka Speisekarte from front to back and back to front for a couple of times, seems that we have almost tried all except for the fish aka plaa aka Fisch aka poisson. Tadaaa ... it's time to try

Haha it's fish ... hot chilli Isaan fish or something like that I forgot .. but we can choose how many chillis we want it to be in the dish ... 2 is not enough for us ... next time we will put more .. and oh my .... it's really delicious ... drooling already now ... es schmeckt sehr gut ... ah loi mak mak ... :D

Better get going to bed now .. supposingly to be almost 1 .. but time has changed ... arrrrghhh ... I want winter!!

I'm doing closing again ... uurgh ... =.= babi sial

Change of time


I got freaked out ... I accidentally keyed in the wrong pin code for my Sunrise number 3 times and it got blocked and I was asked to key in the PUK code instead. Lahh .. how would I know my PUK code. Luckily .. I can do it online at eSunrise phew ...

Oh yea ... and finally the time is here ... the time will go one hour forward for summer, which means we will be behind Msian time for only 6 hours, instead of the current 7. Oh damn ... hell is here .... yeah the change of time will take place at 3am later

And ... scheisse ... fish soup poured on me today ... again. 2nd time already ... people just love to bang and knock into me when I'm carrying stuff like that ... sigh .. whatever ... but not saying anything, not cursing :D coz the person who knock into me is nice so .. leave it :D haha bias :p

But .. something weird happened today ... I wasnt sure of the wine, whether is it red or white .. so I asked the bar man ... blanc or rouge ... who knows ... he told me in German instead ... as weiss[white] ... o.O I got so shocked o.O but thennnn... I think he actually meant red and not white :S

and ... and ... I dont know why they wanna give me my off days so soon. I want it on Thursday Friday or Saturday .. I mean the end of the week is totally fine but .. they are giving it to me on MOnday ... o.O work for 2 days off again. Dont torture me like that -_- dei ...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dance vids

This is a video, a dance scene of Take The Lead, recommended by Milky

But .. I prefer the one in Dirty Dance eh, looks more fun and a catchy song :D

A story about Mr. L

It's the road to death again with 10 hours straight ... sigh

Entertainment time ... :D

Look at the pic ...

So here it goes, once upon a time .. there was a guy named Mr L. Mr L likes talking a lot, or rather crapping. Unfortunately, the way he craps is so shitty that it irritates so many people and some turned away from him yet he doesnt realize that. Instead, he just thinks that he is so happening and so cool and everyone LOVES him which obviously is the other way round. He used to have a job, a job that requires a lot of crapping and that's sales. Currently, he has no job and people think that he got fired with too much crapping and not well presented. It is also suggested that he needs to go back to school to learn the meaning of respect as it doesnt exist in his dictionary. Though sometimes ... things are obviously his fault, he turn things around to make it as if the other person is at fault. He thought that it's still high school, wanting to be popular and stuff which is .. just .. nonsense and bull shit. He really should consider retiring from crapping coz it just doesnt suit him. Doesnt know to draw a line and limit oneself is totally absurd and should just bang his own bloody donkey head against the wall. *kaboom* *aiyakk .. helppp .. painnn*

Now let's talk about the picture ..
ich bin ein mongo = I am a retard
ich bin fett = I am fat
ich bin scheisse = i am shit
c'est moi = that's me

It's all being said by him *imagine lar* .. yay .. Mr L is patheticly short and what a pity .. he's also fat XD and obviously just full of shit and so full of himself. I wonder if he knows what's a mirror heh?

If he ever look himself in the mirror, this is what he will see

scheisse ... shit .. tahi and definitely arschloch and chu tia and obviously an ugly one hehe haha ai hia loo kee :D

okie I'm done :D

Friday, March 23, 2007

Suggestion for nicks

I started blogging more than one year ago, at least for this blog.

Since then, I have used Nyokk as my nickname.

... One Year Later ...

I really have this urge to change the nickname I currently have

Unfortunately, I do not know what ...

Any ideas?

SP with the only person that have some ideas for me ... and she suggested dingdongchompchomp potong stim maximum haha but anyway she has others but not really suitable, danke viel mal :D

Umm .. pulling hair?

It's already Friday and I was supposed to go to Luzern yesterday but plan was nicely cancelled when I was already all prepared. Who knows that it almost went as the initial plan again, but didnt happen eventually. Yea, mood is the worst when I'm being woken up from my sleep. Randomly speaking, if I am asleep when you call, just let me continue sleeping .. dont talk anymore, just say goodbye and hang up. haha.

I wanna know what is so nice pulling people's hair -_-

my hair is just being tied like that ... very normal

Yet ... everyday is getting pulled .. by anyone .. anywhere, i really wonder what's so nice

These pics were like last year when I did the part time job end of October in Luzern sent by IMI. Now, my uniform is not like that of course, it's only the white shirt the same and without vest and bow tie. That's the difference in uniform and now I have to tie up my fringe and obviously longer now ... :s what's so niceeee .. or are they THAT bored to do so?

umm ...

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's the perfect day today ... 2 dummkopf called in sick. We managed to finish everything before 12. If I ever do closing with them ... just rely on myself is good enough. PLus ... closing with them is not healthy, will get heart attack and getting mad over nothing cause of them haha. Well ... that was bfore and now, I dont bother anymore .. *peace* yea ... who on earth will believe that they are really sick and both on the same day. Even deaf know they are lying. Chiew~

One day .. while I was polishing glasses .. slack a bit la ... I mean .. slack and be smart :p as to ... be the 1st one to get that rack and polish :D so .. do it before others do ;)

then there comes the bum ...

bum: hey you are polishing the wrong way
me: why?
me: why?
bum: *repeated*
me: why?
bum: nothing
me: *yesssssh*

I won!!! hohoho .. wanna snatch .. chiewww ... not so easy to lie to me :D *peace*

drama happens

It was extremely busy few days ago ... yeah god dang busy and the best thing could happened during that hours.

One word ... DRAMA!

Yeah so many drama happeened that day. People shouting at each other. Arguments. Fightings. Oh la la. One spoke English and couldnt understand French. One spoke French and couldnt understand English. Yet, they could argue. It's just amazing how these things could happen. I am not any participant, and being a spectator is always the best, stay out of trouble :)

Later on, another idiot came blaming others and started another argument due to the delivery of the food. Again, I am not involved I am just a spectator.

Third drama, somebody wanted to touch one girl and she slapped him twice and the third time, she wanted to punch him haha. OMG! I miss that! Damn! That's like once in a life drama.

That's it and I am working closing today, but I am going like one hour earlier as I want my dinner. The only motivation for me is the food and that's it. Kinda sad, isn't it? Yea another 3 months of sadness.

Hehe ... anyway .. I'm off tomorrow so doesnt really matter :) Every week, I am just waiting for my off days and waiting and waiting for the next one, not looking forward for anything else. haha. ciao need to get my beauty nap :D

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Dora

March, the 20th ... marks the birthday of someone with the nickname Cheekyboy .. though the nickname doesnt suit him at all. He is so not a boy la wei.

Nickname: DoraKhai, Doraemon, Cipalang Dora, Arang Batu, papa, Mr FFK, Kucing Robot and etc .. too many :D

One year older, dont eat too much, dont be late anymore :p

Happy Birthday to you
You are a made of machine
But you are the imitation one
Happy Birthday to you


Rain is good, snow is good

I used not to like rain at all ... coz it was so difficult to see while driving but I do not like the sun as well and when I started my internship here, I didnt like it either as I have to get wet while going to work. That was my first thought until recently when the restaurant is already extended outside at the terrace, which means, I have to walk further, work harder and be deeper in hell haha and in the end of the day, I will be so damn exhausted.

I have changed my thought. I am in love with the rain now, I don't mind getting wet, I really really do not mind at all. Why? Reason being if it rains, nobody will be outside at the terrace as there's no shed. I dont have to work so hard, I dont have to walk so far, I dont have to be dead in the end of the day. Doesn't it sound great? Fabulous for me.

Everyday, I just hope and wish that it rains, I am not asking for snow ... just rain is good enough. Who knows that yesterday, I heard from Yu Wen that it was snowing in Zurich and saw Kelvin's nickname that it's snowing in Kastanienbaum. But, not in Geneva. Who knowss????? Before I left for work, I saw the weather and I got so happy because it was RAINING. When I was working, it started to snow a little bit. Temperature dropped to 3 celcius today, and usually it's like what ... 13 Celcius .. 15 Celcius. Everyone put on scarf again but I didnt .. as usual hehe, COLD is GOOD.

Click on the image to get a better view
According to forecast, it's gonna snow this whole week and that is paradise, I love it. Oh snow .. I am waiting for you .. ich warter fuer Sie. Chan raw :D I dont mind .. and I love it .. that's the best thing I could ever ask for.

Monday, March 19, 2007

ruk tae doo lae mai dai

Currently, I am in love with this song ... called "ruk tae doo lae mai dai" by a Thai group called Potato.

Therefore, I would like to dedicate this song to our very own Malaysian Potato named Kylie

This song is sooo nice .. should listen to it :D I listen dunno how many times daily hehe, this is my current fave Thai song :D

ความรักของเธอ เสียงที่บอกฉันว่าเธอห่วงใย
kwaam rak kong ter siang tee bok chan waa ter huang yai
Love of yours, its sound tells me that you're concerned about me.

มือนั้นของเธอ ที่แตะหน้าผากฉัน วันที่ฉันไม่สบาย
meu nan kong ter tee dtae naa paak chan wan tee chan mai sa-baai
That hand of yours that touches my forhead during the days when I'm unwell.

* ทุกๆ ฉากทุกตอนไม่เคยจางหาย แม้จะผ่านเนิ่นนานเท่าไร
* took-took chaak took dton mai koie jaang haai mae ja paan nern-naan tao-rai
Every scene, every episode, they never fade away even though they had passed by however long ago.

และทุกฉากทุกตอน นั้นคอยตอกย้ำสิ่งที่ฉันเป็น ตั้งแต่เสียเธอไป
lae took chaak took dton nan koi dtok yam sing tee chan bpen dtang dtae sia ter bpai
And every scene, every episode, that kept emphasising the thing that I became since losing you.

** ว่าฉันเป็นคนโง่เหนือใครๆ มีรักแท้อยู่ ดูแลไม่ได้
* * waa chan bpen kon ngoh neua krai-krai mee rak tae yoo doo lae mai daai
That I am a stupid person, more so than anyone else, having had true love but was unable to take care of it.

จะรู้ค่ามันก็สายเกินไป ปวดร้าวคิดอยากย้อนเรื่องราวแค่ไหน ได้แต่ฝัน
ja roo kaa man gor saai gern bpai bpuat raao kit yaak yon reuang raao kae nai daai dtae fan
Got to know it's value but then it's too late, broken-hearted, however much I thought of reverting the story, I'm able but only to dream.

ต่อจนเหมือนเดิม รูปเมื่อก่อนนั้นที่มันขาดไป
dtor jon meuan derm roop meua gon nan tee man kaat bpai
Stick our picture, which was torn apart, back together.

แต่ทางของเรา จะต่อได้อีกไหม หรือว่าฉันต้องทำใจ
dtae taang kong rao ja dtor daai eek mai reu waa chan dtong tam jai
But will our paths meet again? Or that I should accept it?

เพราะทุกฉากทุกตอนไม่เคยจางหาย แม้จะผ่านเนิ่นนานเท่าไร
pror took chaak took dton mai koie jaang haai mae ja paan nern-naan tao-rai
Because every scene, every episode, they never fade away even though they had passed by however long ago.

และทุกฉากทุกตอน นั้นคอยตอกย้ำสิ่งที่ฉันเป็น ตั้งแต่เสียเธอไป
lae took chaak took dton nan koi dtok yam sing tee chan bpen dtang dtae sia ter bpai
And every scene, every episode, that kept emphasising the thing that I became since losing you.

(ซ้ำ **)

บอกหน่อยที่ไหนพอจะมี ประตูให้ฉันย้อนไปคืนวัน
bok noi tee nai por ja mee bpra-dtoo hai chan yon bpai keun wan
Tell me a little, just where there will be a door for me to revert to the nights and days,

ที่ฉันมีเธออยู่ จะขอดูแลอีกครั้ง...
tee chan mee ter yoo ja kor doo lae eek krang . . .
that I had you; I'll take a good care of you, once again...

ฉันมันคนโง่เหนือใครๆ มีรักแท้อยู่ ดูแลไม่ได้
chan man kon ngoh neua krai-krai mee rak tae yoo doo lae mai daai
I am that stupid person, more so than anyone else, having had true love but was unable to take care of it.

จะรู้ค่ามันก็สายเกินไป ปวดร้าวคิดอยากย้อนเรื่องราวแค่ไหน ได้แต่ฝัน
ja roo kaa man gor saai gern bpai bpuat raao kit yaak yon reuang raao kae nai daai dtae fan
Got to know it's value but then it's too late, broken-hearted, however much I thought of reverting the story, I'm able but only to dream.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

i hate this

I almost left work early coz I felt so terrible and horrible and I felt nausea ... and that sucks. But then, I have to stand it ... no matter how terrible, no matter how pain .... stil have to endure it and bear it as I do not want to owe any hours to them or else I get all closing shift then I really do not know what to do.

anyway, have a nice day people .. ciao

Hell is here

I have red a red eye today ... left eye to be precise. I was already at work and my eyes just couldnt open, not that I was sleepy, but my eyes were so pain and so sore until couldnt open. So basically I was just using my right eye to do all the work. Tears just couldnt stop flowing down. It's automated flowing down tears and only on my left eye ahha. Therefore, before starting work, I changed to my specs. Yeah, this is the first ever time in my entire life that I wore glasses to work. Everyone were like .. why do you wear glasses -_- err .. how to answer la dei and isnt it obvious why am I wearing it? :s so I have to tell them that usually I wear lenses ... feel really kekok [awkward] wearing glasses. I dont know why it has been a long time I did not wear glasses out. I do that also coz I have to ... not that I wanted too haha.

Saturday is hell, I feel like I am really in hell. It felt that for this 10 hours that I worked, it's like one week kind of work and defintely lack of commis from 3pm-6pm. I have no time to even drink water. Let's not talk about drinking, even to look at my watch, I dont have time for that and it needed me until 5.30 to be able to take a look at my watch to see the time. My back was so pain and all I really need is a massage, in which I can only dream. Alright, tonight I will dream of getting massage haha. Who knows I was so happy at 10 that I can finally leave who knows??????? I needed to work OT .. half an hour extra ... torture sial. My back can really break, as well as both my hands and wrists. Sigh ... nevermind, take it as an exercise haha. Tam mai? WHy? Why do they have to give me a torturing shift just after I get back from my off days and it has to be on a Saturday, the busiest ever day of the week where usually people do not have life and have to eat there.

Gone case, I have to do 3 days of closing next week ... sigh sigh sigh ...

This is actually a pic taken just right after we reached back in Luzern from London, it felt so nice to be back

Wow .. Deutsch ... no more English haha

Christina Aguilera - Hurt

As you know, I have been disconnected with the outside world for far too long and I do not know any new songs, new singers, new movies, new stuff and sort and please dont ask and dont tell me to sit for exam for that as I will definitely fail. CONFIRM. Yeah .. that phrase katak di bawah tempurung can describe me perfectly.

But you know what, I read one song lyrics in MYB though I dont know how long ago .. or is it new, I dont know too .. but I found it quite meaningful

Christina Aguilera - Hurt

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
You told me how proud you were, but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today
Ooh, ooh

I would hold you in my arms
I would take the pain away
Thank you for all you've done
Forgive all your mistakes
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To hear your voice again
Sometimes I wanna call you
But I know you won't be there

Ohh I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you

Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit
Sometimes I just wanna hide 'cause it's you I miss
And it's so hard to say goodbye
When it comes to this, oooh

Would you tell me I was wrong?
Would you help me understand?
Are you looking down upon me?
Are you proud of who I am?

There's nothing I wouldn't do
To have just one more chance
To look into your eyes
And see you looking back

Ohh I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself, ohh

If I had just one more day
I would tell you how much that I've missed you
Since you've been away
Ooh, it's dangerous
It's so out of line
To try and turn back time

I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sepuluh Jam

Damn tired today ... I'm tired everyday haha usually tired due to work, but even my off days I'm tired ... due to the travelling hours haha. As mentioned and as intended to, I did go to the Motorshow in Geneva and it's so damn huge, serious weh. Ticket cost 14 CH. I should just say that I am 16 years old then I can get cheaper rate haha. The guy selling the ticket thought that I'm sitting my PMR this year = 15 .... zzz ... should have said 16 sigh but too bad they check ID, if not .. can actually get discounted rate haha. Where on earth I look 15 .. doink =.=

Proong nee ... morgen ... esok ... I am working a bloody straight 10 hours, see die or not. At least they provide meals haha. Yea .. that's the only thing keeps me working. Food, damn da sad rite? That's my only motivation. The best part about working tomorrow is there is another trainee who is doing exactly the same shift as me. It is actually okay but the fact is .. of all people, I have to work with this fella -_- erm ... my god, possibility of getting annoyed again is ... quite high haha.

Getting chubbier each day ... this is a one week old pic ...

Haha .. nothing better to do

That's the elevator in front of me

Hope I dont vomit blood when I work tomorrow ... *pray*

Thursday, March 15, 2007


YEay .. off day tomorrow ... eeee :D

Geneva is not that big, but is it THAT small until it's so easy to bump into people? Furthermore, I do not know many people in Geneva but somehow, I keep bumping into people I know. While in Luzern, I know more people but it's not as often as this. IMI have like what .. 200 students and the possibility that they go to town is high but I dont really bump into them during my BA days. However, it's so easy here.

Just the 1st few days after I moved into Geneva, I bumped into Poom after work while she was gonna do some shopping. I bumped into her last week again. We didnt make any appointment at all okies. Nadia, bumped into her at Gare Carnavin, she was coming down from the bus and I wanted to go up. Francisco twice .. first was near the hostel I stayed before and the 2nd time in downtown last week. Linda ... twice too, near the hostel and in Dosenbach the 2nd time a few weeks ago. Another colleague too at Carnavin some weeks ago ... adoiiiii.

And and .... you know something? I saw the pics in Daniel's blog and those pics really tempt me to go to the Motorshow which is now being held in Geneva until the 18th this month. 14 CH not bad la rite .. so I might go on Friday, let's see how.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday

It's the 14th of March 2007 ... and ...

it's my mom's birthday

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to khun
Happy Birthday to Sie
Happy Birthday to vous :p


Actually, I dont know what to blog anymore, I have finished what I wanted to blog. As a known fact, I have no life or rather my working life is my life, whichever you wanna call that, it's very routine daily, weekly and monthly. Nothing special or nothing eventful things happen in my life. What I do is eat, sleep, shower, online, go to bed. It's too routine until it's useless mentioning it. Therefore, I have no inspiration, I have no idea .. and my mind is totally blank about what to put here. It happens all the time, probably not EACH and EVERY time but most of the time now. I can't think and all I can do is to stare at this fella here .. my Acebob.

Therefore, someone ... who is as crazy as before suggested me to blog about how happy I am that I am going back home. Since that I really have nothing to blog about, so why not? That person mentioned is no other that the Gila Jed Plane

Hieeee .. I am veryyy happpyyy ... I am going backkk =.= adoi ... ich bin sehr glücklich weil ich zurück gehe (ich gehe nach Hause) dunno which is right haha ... chan sam nuk mak mak duay kap baan

Today is the day that I feel alright working. Probably due to the amount of sleep I get, I really got ample amount of sleep ;)

It has been 3 years since Dip 7 Sept 02' left college and who's left in Malaysia is just a handful of the Dip 7 zoo. haha ... damn sad sial.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

tiang gan tam mai - Bird Thongchai (Thogchai Village)

บางเวลาอาจเบื่อกันเอง บางเวลาอาจใช้อารมณ์
baang way-laa aat beua gan eng baang way-laa aat chai aa-rom
Sometimes you maybe bored with me, sometimes you may throw temper;

baang way-laa aat gert bpen reuang yai
Sometimes it may grow into a big issue.

บางเวลาไม่อยากจูงมือ บางเวลาอาจเริ่มชินชา
baang way-laa mai yaak joong meu baang way-laa aat rerm chin chaa
Sometimes you don't want to hold my hand, sometimes you may start to be indifferent;

lae mai roo waa krai pit dtrong nai ...
And I don't know who had gone wrong and where.

อาจจะโกรธกันได้บ่อยๆ ไม่ได้อยู่คนละข้างสักหน่อย
aat ja groht gan daai boi-boi mai daai yoo kon-la kaang sak noi
We maybe angry with each other often; we are not in the different sides, aren't we?;

rao yang mee gan yoo jam daai mai ...
We're still together, can you remember that?

เมื่อตอนเถียงกันแทบเป็นแทบตาย ยังคงอยู่ข้างเธอ....
meua dton tiang gan taep bpen taep dtaai yang kong yoo kaang ter ....
When we quarrelled, almost to death, I still remains besides you...

ไม่มีรักไหน ที่ดีทุกวัน ยิ่งนานยิ่งผ่านเรื่องราวมากมาย
mai mee rak nai tee dee took wan ying naan ying paan reuang raao maak maai
There's no love anywhere that's good everyday. The longer it is, the more issues it had to go through;

เข้ามาทดสอบ เข้ามาลองใจ ว่าความรักของใครแกร่งจริง
kao maa tot sop kao maa long jai waa kwaam rak kong krai graeng jing
Issues that came to scrutinise, came to to test one's feelings, as to whether one's love is solid and true.

หากเราเรียนรู้วิชาอดทน หากเราผ่านพ้นย่อมได้ทุกสิ่ง
haak rao rian roo wi-chaa ot ton haak rao paan pon yom daai took sing
If we'd learnt the subject of endurance, if we can surmont and accept everything;

หากเรามั่นใจว่ารักเราจริง ทุกสิ่งมันก็มั่นคง....
haak rao man-jai waa rak rao jing took sing man gor man-kong ....
If we're confident that our love is true, then everything would be secured ...

มีอารมณ์แตกต่างบางที มีอะไรขัดแย้งกันไป
mee aa-rom dtaek dtaang baang tee mee a-rai kat yaeng gan bpai
We have temper that differs occassionally; we have whatever conflicts with each other;

ja hai meuan gan loie kong mai chai
We always have our own manners. We cannot be the same.

เราเป็นเราไม่เปลี่ยนตัวเอง เราเป็นคนที่เลือกกันเอง
rao bpen rao mai bplian dtua eng rao bpen kon tee leuak gan eng
We being ourselves, we won't change ourselves, we being the ones that each of us had chosen.

chan mai roo waa ter waa jing mai
I don't know that you would say that's true.

อาจจะโกรธกันได้บ่อยๆ ก็แค่ปรับคนละนิดละหน่อย
aat ja groht gan daai boi-boi gor kae bprap kon la nit la noi
We maybe angry with each other often, then just adjust oneself a little.

rao yang mee gan yoo jam daai mai ...
We're still together, can you remember that?

ถ้าเธอนั้นลืมว่าเธอมีใคร ก็จำไว้ฉันรักเธอ...
taa ter nan leum waa ter mee krai gor jam wai chan rak ter ...
If you had forgotten that you had someone, then remember that I love you ...

ไม่มีรักไหน ที่ดีทุกวัน ยิ่งนานยิ่งผ่านเรื่องราวมากมาย
mai mee rak nai tee dee took wan ying naan ying paan reuang raao maak maai
There's no love anywhere that's good everyday. The longer it is, the more issues it had to go through;

เข้ามาทดสอบ เข้ามาลองใจ ว่าความรักของใครแกร่งจริง
kao maa tot sop kao maa long jai waa kwaam rak kong krai graeng jing
Issues that came to scrutinise, came to to test one's feelings, as to whether one's love is solid and true.

หากเราเรียนรู้วิชาอดทน หากเราผ่านพ้นย่อมได้ทุกสิ่ง
haak rao rian roo wi-chaa ot ton haak rao paan pon yom daai took sing
If we'd learnt the subject of endurance, if we can surmont and accept everything;

หากเรามั่นใจว่ารักเราจริง ทุกสิ่งมันก็มั่นคง....
haak rao man-jai waa rak rao jing took sing man gor man-kong ....
If we're confident that our love is true, then everything would be secured ...

หากเธอนั้นลืมว่าเธอมีใคร ก็จำไว้ฉันรักเธอ....
haak ter nan leum waa ter mee krai gor jam wai chan rak ter ....
If you had forgotten that you had someone, then remember that I love you ...


I did some test ... :D

Your Birthdate: September 25

Calm and understated, you struggle to express your love with words.
Over time, your partner learns to recognize your passion by the actions you take.
You're good at wooing someone slowly, without them even realizing it!

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 2

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 2

You are most compatible with people born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th of the month.

You are 80% Libra

You Have Your Sarcastic Moments

While you're not sarcastic at all times, you definitely have a cynical edge.
In your opinion, not all people are annoying. Some are dead!
And although you do have your genuine moments, you can't help getting your zingers in.
Some people might be a little hurt by your sarcasm, but it's more likely they think you're hilarious.

randomly ...

Hie .. again :D haha blogging marathon ... what to do .. it has been quite some time that I didnt type anything here ;) I'm on the way to "opposite of heaven" half way already ... sigh ... nvm ... 3 months :D I made history again today. I supposed to work at 6.30 but I went at 6 just to eat :D usually I rather sleep than eat but today ... walamak ... went EARLY. Who knows that I got to eat mussels!!!!! Mussels weyyyy ... I dont have to pick food this time. This time I have the 1st serve :D damn happppyyyyyy ...

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is heaven for me .. 7.5 hours work .. with meals provided. Fooood okayyyy!!! That's so happening haha :D but sigh have to replace the hours on Saturday .. 10 hours straight ... umm. At least there will be food for me :D *blink blink* Therefore, it's really not surprising that my weight can only go up and not down haha. Anyway, on average, I should gain 1 kg per month .. I counted already :p hehe blahhh .. anyway ...

to Luzern or Lucerne in French

the platform :D this is just a small railway station that people dont know of haha .. ;) coz it's not Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Luzern, Lausanne ... sigh so sad

When you have off days, and living a life which is too happening until you have nothing to do, what's the last resort? take pic ...

This is taken from my balcony ... look to the left .. I can see the railway station right ahead there and there are so many shops around but when I go to work by foot, I have to turn right unless I wanna take bus which I dont think is a better choice as I have to leave earlier ... and I love sleeping, so .. not a good idea for me :D

Remember chow kit? This is Swiss style .. red light district. It's just right opposite from where I stay. Yeah not even one minute walk. Look at the arrow ... there are many many more of them further in and it's not only one street at the right .. after turning right, there are many many more streets inside and many many more of them. There are fat, thin, dark, fair, tall, short, white, asian, just make your choice haha. Price? Umm .. cheapest 200 ch and 500 ch if you wanna bring them out. This street usually have one or two of them only, not many ...

Sigh .. pictures can really deceive ... but I'm actually so much darker than this kaka :p

I'm hardworking, I exercise .. yay ... :D haha .. work and exercise at the same time ... that is ;)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Eat again

After all that walking, all that waiting and all that whatever ... it's time to eat ... our lunch .. :D We ate in this restaurant named Kwai ... actually I ate there before with Pla Tong haha .. not bad, can give a second visit. It's a combination of ... again .. Chinese and Thai food. It's located just at the corner of la gare

Thai Fried Rice .. correct me if I am wrong ..

And I do not know if this is plaa or gai ... fische oder poulet? I forgot .. but I think it's plaa ...

Later on, Jojo got a call from Am .... and she said she was coming to Geneva .... dei what happened la .. why are all the mountain boy and girl coming to Geneva. She came, I went to do laundry, Jojo left and said goodbye ... and I waited for Am's call, Am is not to be confused with Arm ...

Then, who knows I got a call from Galih instead and Am was with him then and asked me to join them ... you know what? They were eating ... =.= okie I went to eat too. This is a Japanese-Chinese restaurant called Boky located just one minute away from where I stay and it has Malaysian menu ... yessssss ... Malaysian menu!!!! Can die wei .. how to resist? Eat lar ...

Lemon chicken, though it's a bit too sweet but ... really can kill me ... it's so damn nice!

Yeah this is the place I am working .. saw the arrow? That's the place ... Zara is at the left corner ... Jeand & Co. is the same row as Zara nearer to us, there's a chocolate shop just few doors away from my working place. The lights on the road has a message in it and each one is different and it comes in so many different languages. And ... this is the finest things in life = EAT, MAKAN, GIN KAU, ESSEN ... *peace*

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cold ... kalt ... sejuk ... nau

The day after, mountain boy missed call me just to make sure I'm awake and be there on time ... appointment time: 8am @ Bahnhof aka La gare

We went to another part of Geneva, where the UN, embassy and other business things are located. I have not been to this part ... so it's the 1st time :D He had to go to England embassy so both of us had to wait for him outside. Therefore, we decided to go and snap snap pics at a ... I dont know what is it called ... not a park, not a field ... I dont know. Anything most important, take pics :p

This is the place .. and we know that Jojo wants it too ... but then, we didnt wanna wait for him haha

It's green green green :D

Even after we finished ... he still have not finished and you know what? He ended up 2 hours inside that embassy!!! 2 donkey hours ... leave us in the cold .. for so freaking long!!! Damn!

Let's eat and get fat

Once upon a time in Geneva in February 2007, there was this mountain boy named Jojo who came down from a mountain to a city. What happened? Being a mountain boy and not knowing how a city feels and looks like, he needs many tour guides to bring him around and explain to him what is this and what is that. haha :p

This is my ever popular beloved neighbour where so many people used to go to his room [girls and guys], used to be neighbour and my classmate ... 408 ... as vain as always ... and the same goes to ....

My used to be next door neighbour 407 who out of a sudden just freaked me out from the window and supper kaki ... yu wen, jojo, ah boi ... that's why all gained weight haha and my Thai teacher of course, he's only my German classmate

This is the clock, located in down town .. where it is so freaking near to my work place, they just have to go to Zara ... and Zara is like few seconds from where I work -_- on my off days I still have to see it :s and Poom, my another Thai teacher, who did Masters, joined classes for Marketing, our sleeping pill and PDP, the bull shit class :D see how good your bullshittting skills is :D

After that, we went to walk around .. bla bla bla ... took mountain boy to shop haha umm ... and .. and ... food time *blink blink*

Poom took us to this restaurant called Hungky located in Rue de Fribourg, near Rue de Lausanne. Click here for info of the restaurant. It specialises in Chinese food but there are Thai food available too.

Tom Yam Gar Gai ... it's not the normal tom yam we usually eat, this is with coconut milk ... I have eaten tom yam gar gai before and it taste so much better than this, maybe it's their style, i dont know but i just dont like it

This is soup, why soup? Because I forgot what is it called hha ... jam mai dai .. entshuldigung, ich vergesse ... lupa ... but Poom said it's not bad

This is duck ... this is nice .... I ate it ... ah loi ... sedap ... Geschmack gut .. taste good

Cantonese ... Jojo said it's good .. so .. good haha

When I saw the menu, it said char siew, I got so excited ... really ... I was so excited to know that there's char siew and I will be able to eat it. WHO KNOWS???? When the food came, umm it looks a tad weird, and WHO KNOWS again ... it tasted so god damn different from what I have imagined. Disappointed to the max, no char siew for me .. it tasted so god damn different from ours .. fail ...

It was a happy day for me, happy la why not rite? So, I tend to be able to eat more ... ordered again, har kau ... this is not bad .. but not superb ... pass

Service wasnt good okay ... the waitress that served us was so damn nice to us .. I mean too nice we couldnt take it haha ... in a sarcastic manner of course. But of course anytime better than the ones in Malaysia but stilll .. it's rude... ewww .... terrible.