Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

OMG! This is already the last ever day of 2008, how time flies, gosh anyone explain, like, please? Coz I never knew how it flew. Just like a blink, we are already approaching 2009, so so soon, just a couple of hours left.

I guess this year is the only year that I drag myself as it advance to the brand new year. Why? This is the 2nd consecutive year, I am working a bloody night shift, like as if there is no other shift to work. Partly because of my shift, but the primary headache is because of the night partner =.= haha anyways.

How was 2008? It wasn't as good as I thought. People were looking forward to this year in a matter of fact, but it turned out to be one of the worst years. So many people passed away, business were bad, economic went downhill, people act so weirdly, and so substantially this year is coming to an end now. Again, the same circles run through. Looking forward so brightly with a tunnel filled with lights and hopes to realise the dreams one has and as the year passed, our faith slowly fades off reluctantly.

Hoping to start the new year with a bang and ends with a bang, and of course enjoy the journey along the way.

Happy New Year 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh my Christmas

It's the 30th of December already, Christmas is already over. I enjoyed my Christmas really, thanks. It's like one of the best Christmas I had aside of that Christmas in Paris. Of course, that, is incomparable. Initially, it was just me and Potato, but then, just a few days from Christmas, there was some random thingy that Shaz's name came up so yeah~

We were there and that someone went to the gym, and he could not even see when we sat in front of the gym. Tsk tsk. He just walked and walked =.= What I really wanted that time was food food and food, nothing else but food. This isn't a good idea, nobody knows what to eat, bad! Nevermind, I suddenly thought about Paddington Pancake House, the first ever time I met Shaz, and he didn't even know that was our first meeting until I told him. How sad? He always thought that our first meeting was in Starbucks but actually this is D place.

As we sat and place the order, it's pics time while waited for the food to come, which of course will take some time

I just realized there was a poodle beside me HAHA sorry Kylie :P

OMG! DOes anyone know who is this? Coz I don't! =.=

My lala pose before year ends :S

Why does Kylie looks like she's afraid :D :D haha I shall do this more

The food finally arrives ...

People, guess how old is this kid? 4? wrong! He's only 2 :D

We have now done with Paddington ... the signage to end with babeh :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Randomly snapped

OMG! Can you believe that, I slept for 15 hours o.O Well, I can, I have done it countless times before :s but stilll ... omg =.=

Yea right after Loft we came here ... down to carpark, and this is just by the way kinda thing. Kimberly Loke ... haha ... your ex-home :P

Dede ...

Then me ..

Then ... off we left ... haha ... buh bye full stop.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

It's time of the year again, Santa's in town, a time of celebration, the time of joy, and literally enjoy the moment of sharing and giving. Tho the pocket hurts, like really really hurts, but yea it's the time to give give and give

So everyone Happy a Meryy Merry Xmas people ... may you all blessed with a better year next year.

It's christmas now and it's just the time to get together, celebrate together and cherish the moment of togetherness. =)

We say Joyeux Noel =)

Yeah right after this, it's time to make you resolution for 2009!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Loft @ Heritage Row

The other day already didn't intend to go, lazy and this, and that, and finally still end up in the club. Yea a club after ... how long? Er don't know. Today is one of the weirdest day I ever known because of all people that I know, Lulu called but couldn't get through but somehow I messaged him hours later to ask what and what and asked me to go clubbing o.O Yeah imagine, it's Lulu okay =.= In an unrelated event, as per title, right after work, we went. Padapa padap.

That night was outrageous I tell you. I felt like there's gonna be the end of the world that anytime could happen. This place where is not a stage, but somehow it has that stage kinda floor haha ... those people both genders were jumping up and down, like it's gonna fall ANYIME. I know they were happy, having fun BUT ... don't kill all of us ... please? A brief nite, I was more interested to eat then. haha. It shows how far have I gone to, that I am no longer those who are interested in this kinda night life anymore. I am more keen towards food, but somehow people said, I am losing weight? Er ... why? Not one, not two, but many more, from those I often meet, to those that I have not met for a long long time. Heh. It can't be true.

Dede and Rachel ... haha

And us .. though we divorced but still, we ended up there together. Yes it's true we divorced but we are still friends you know. We never fought haha. It's mutual and we are glad :P

I wore the wrong tee there that night ... I know I am so whatever ... it looks the same '=.=

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera

I have just finished a book, with the title Shame.

It's a true story of the writer who struggles to survive in a real cruel world. It started off when she was young and innocent in England, but from an Asian decent and practises every single values that how an Asian was like decades ago. Girls are meant to be at home to serve the husband, never allowed to go out, it was bad, and it took a turn when she saw a photograph of the man whom she never met but was told he was going to be her husband. She told her mom she wanted to finish school and go to college. Her mom was mad, real mad for what she said. One day, she ran away from home, as she was unable to put up with forced marriage, even more so after seeing her elder sisters going through trauma and sufferings with their arranged marriages, she doesn't want to end up like her sisters. She believes in love marriage, rather than arranged marriages. As a result, her parents disowned her for 7 long years, and her mom told her she's dead in her eyes. How much time has been wasted. Her family faced humiliation in the community and during those times, family honour matters more than anything else, much more than life itself. Her elder sister committed suicide, as she could not take the beatings up and her abusive husband any longer. When she turned to her parents, to the community leader, they turned her away and instead of being supportive, they told her to return to her husband. She has no where to turn to, her family reminded her of the family honour and must not let the family down. Instead of escaping, she took away her own life.
She worked hard, all alone, with her and her then husband, without the support of the family. She's independent to live outside the world, on her two own feet and able to raise her own family.
This book promotes the voices of women today. I like how she narrates it. One should not just put up on fate, but rather control your own life. Your life is in your hands. Even it's impossible, you make it possible, just like how she did. You gain your own happiness, and violence, abuse, cannot be done as we all have human rights. Probably some people out there are still going through this somewhere in the world and you never know. Fortunately for us, we don't and we are not in that era anymore.
A very heart wrenching, touching and inspiring story :)

Today, there is a project of Karma Nirvana to help women out from forced marriages and honour based violence, found by the writer of this book.

Karma Nirvana

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Birthday dinner at Marche

And again, another birthday of mine. If one wonders how many birthdays I have a year, wait til you see someone else who celebrates for the whole month. Then you will say that mine is like what, 3 year old compared to 20 year olds. hehe. Anyways, I decided to have it this time in my all-time favourate restaurant since its opening until today - Marche. It's something I have nothing bad to say but only good things. Marche means market in French. It's a Swiss delicacy that one can only dreamed of at the beginning but today, you can make that a reality - having a Swiss cuisine in KL What I miss a lot in this restaurant that they once used to have is fondue, yea the ever-indulging cheese fondue that I could only yearn for.

Okay I know this is nothing different, it's just a coconut water lolz

This is something something, ordered by Potato

This is mine, the typical Swiss food ... roesti that I once used to have it every single weekend for as long as 6 months. It's potato btw haha

Yea my hair was kinda fugly back then, and lala-ish of course and I could still wear brown lenses haha

This is the human potato - Kylie haha

That's about it, Happy Birthday to myself .. haha I am officially 24, that I had turned almost 3 months ago, and I am a rat, a pure rat haha

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mommie Clod

This took place yesterday ...

It was her birthday, Mommie Clod. Harpie Birthdayyyy ... and wishing you all the best and many many returns to you, best in health, wealth and in every single aspect in life.

Though we hadn't spent time with each other a lot, but ... those times that we had was memorable and I really do wish we have more time for each other o.O How I wish we could turn back time eh. So far away in distance. Haha time when she took us around London ... by walking :o haha

And ... I am really looking forward to see you next year :) really rweallly hope for that to happen :D

Mommieee, missing you XD haha

Why Mommie? Coz she puts me as her daughter in Facebook =.= LOL

I really wish to put her picture here, but I'm afraid she will disagree and ask me to take it down later :S

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hair cut

I have just finished my night shift, oh voila I'm back to day shift today.

Last week I had a hair cut. Yeah like finally after being somewhat annoyed with my messy hair before this, as it had grown so fast, yea like so so fast, just within 2 months. Then it's time to visit Vincent. At the same time, Mac Dong Dong wanted to have a hair cut too, so we went together, and well, I know it was my first day night shift that day but knowing it that it was her birthday, I sacrificed my beauty sleep for her :D haha

So darn messy hair

Then trimmed ... til this short but then, ex-wife wanted to cut as well, so I went there the 2nd time within one week, again I did something to my hair

Yes I know it's darn short lolz, my hair just gets shorter and shorter

But hey there is a girl side too okay!

Vincentttt! Ur the best haha ...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Birthday @ Sakae Sushi

I had a couple of birthday celebrations. But the biggest one was the one I posted before. Others were just small tiny mini ones heheh.

The destination chose was .... chang chang ... Sakae Sushi. I felt so embarassed when the first ever time I had Sakae was not that long ago in KLCC. I mean it has been around for awhile now and majority had tasted or step into this place before. But me .. *in total paisehness* took the first step few months back only when people from other countries, other states, can travel all down to get a taste of it hehe. My first time eating this also was caught by my boss having it and I only knew that he was also there at the same place the day after. It's completely potong stim-ness.

Simple yet refreshing. Plain yet satisfying.

Absolutely concentrating o.O

Heheh ... yumzzzz

Friday, December 5, 2008

We divorced

It's official, after 2 years and 5 months being together, we broke up, or you can say we divorced.

It's such a waste that so much that we had been through together, just vanished. We were so close that people thought we are gonna get married anytime and anywhere but who knows, this news just came abruptly. I am presently too shocked, too stunned to respond to this overwhelming news.

That's life I guess, both parties are heartbroken. We had chosen to lead our own individual's life without any of us interferring into each other. We had talked about it, we had tried our level best to solve the misunderstanding and the dissatisfaction we had about each other but nothing could saviour this relationship anymore. There is no more solution and that's when we decided perhaps we should just end it all here.

Life's unfair, when we thought we had found that special someone, things just happen unexpectedly and both of us thought we will settle down with each other until things happen between us. We are actually this close to register ourselves. Well. I hope we do not end it this way, it's devastating, it's a tragedy for the both of us. Unlike normal couples, we have our own issues, much more complicated than normal couples. We are still colleagues, we enjoy working with each other, we are still friends nevertheless. We didn't make another enemy when we broke up this morning, instead we made it clear we must not step and control into the other's life, but just be a normal friend, or rather a special friend, whichever you wanna call it. We will still be there for another if it is required, that's our agreement when we broke up. Honestly speaking, it's such a waste. Tears kept on rolling down. It's so distressing to be in this current position and I felt the numbness within me.

Where is my sacred home. I am searching for you.

We are divorced now. Both of us are now available now, and we are pretty much single I'm supposed, or maybe not, as we are both too occupied trying to adapt to that major change and trying to calm ourselves down. Look at our status, both are single, after how long we were in the relationship. Life's sad.

I will update our well being and the changes once in awhile. I hope both of us could go through this hard phrase of our life. It's one of the saddest point. Dede, I hope you are happy there :) Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Being in the industry I am currently in, it allows you to meet loads of people, and I meant loads. It depends though, sometimes it can be really ironic. Yes, working means people and people means working. Sometimes you feel you don't wanna meet people but it's just your job, it's part of your job. True, you get to meet people and stuff, but if you are talking about hanging out with people, it's not "D" industry because working hours is just odd. Yeah yeah I know ... I meet people everyday, but you know, these people are not the people I wanna meet! Sometimes I really feel like I wanna go into office job but knowing me, myself, I will fall asleep within 2 minutes lolz.

The other day so ... I was checking out this lady and I heard a very strange accent. It was her husband. Okay, it's nothing wrong of having an angmo husband, absolutely nothing wrong. But, this is different, VERY indeed. WHY? Because it happens to be someone I knew back in college. Of course he wasn't my classmate d'uh, he's way too old to be one. He was actually my lecturer, many many years back, yes I entered college 6 years ago =/= eesh. My German lecturer to be precise. I never said anything haha, he never said anything lolz. But perhaps he knew it was me, or maybe not, coz this fella here, changed a lot over the years.

I didn't wanna say anything either because ... because .... because ... er ... I made him vomit blood before? It wasn't my intention but it's ... er ... natural? No matter what, I wasn't the worst so that matters okay haha.

Ich verstehe nicht auch, warum ich nicht sagen Hoi. Bin ich schlecht? Umm ... ich weiss nicht

Oriental Nite Part 4

It's the Oriental that I promised ... everyone turned Oriental, even the most impossible person, me, turned one haha though er ... it's my uniform lolz

It's us

They call her the sick dancer haha .. was really sick on that day itself

Lau Zhang aka Danny Boi

My boss

Female name - Claudia lolz I thought who was this chic who knows t'was him haha

haha Annie-chan such a long time. She misses hotel too much o.O

The girls ... no guys haha

That's it I supposed, in the end, FO won and deja vu, I got a digital camera Canon 7.1 megapixels as soon as I entered and started eating. So blurred out as I just woke up o.O

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'n on MC after one year

After one week of silence, for the mourning of a dear friend, my blog has finally decided to make a comeback, but not in a very good way I'm afraid

After one year plus, this is my day to MC ... though I didn't want to. No, I am not close being workaholic, I just do not wanna have MCs but then force does not bring happiness, instead it can only bring sufferings. I now understand it completely.

I really have no intention whatsoever to go on MC. I never thought about it, until my eyes went @-@. Now I realized I am THAT stubborn. One of my colleague told me, why not just stay home and get MC, instead of coming to work and going home later. I told him then, I never thought of MC-ing and I thought I can manage to workkk. But I overestimated my cabability apparently. MC once per year is not too much to ask for. I promised I never pretended.

And being MC, I never know what is happening outside. I actually slept for 18 hours o.O I felt so groggy and I am just stuck in my whole new world. I am feeling much better and Thank God, I actually have day off the day after and night shift 2 days after, which I can blatantly rest in a maximum volume.

To tell you the truth, this is the first ever time I actually wanted to see a doctor so badly, in so many years. All along, even when I had fallen sick, I prefer not to see a doctor til the extent of feeling unbearably sick. AND ... this is the first ever time I went to see a panel doctor. I tell you, the feeling was so different and being able to walk out from the doctor without a need to take out a single cent from my pocket is so darn cool. Uberly cool. haha.

I'm gonna rest, I'm gonna sleep, and I'm gonna rest again, being sick make me feel so useless. I hate feeling so. No matter what, I will survive, I will cure, and I will be back again. Omg ... drama =.=