Monday, April 25, 2011

Strangers, Again

Just to share out this video here ... from strangers, being strangers again and this is what people go through daily. It's frightening seeing this because ... you see these things happening on those around you, if not you. After those stages, it's either you move on, or you get married. It's a worthy watch. Enjoy~

A matter of time

It's maybe all written on the face, that am now suffering and am not really happy with how things are going.

How many people had randomly walked in and offered something to me, and asked me to think about it seriously. Give them a call. It is a place I no longer have my faith on. I see no future anymore. It's now just a matter of time before I decide to leave.

Do you know how happy I feel thinking of the day I'm walking out from the door and not looking back ever again. That's the only thing am happy about, thinking and dreaming of the day I'm leaving. Unfortunately, that will not be so soon judging from what is available now.

However difficult it may seem now, I am not giving up. I am searching for something better. It's not that I did not try to enjoy, but certain things always get on the way, the one thing that once you dislike it, it's impossible to have a healthy environment any longer. That also means, the end of it, it's time to move on.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Krabi Trip 3

It's the 3rd part of our Krabi Trip and most of the time spent on food and eating. It's really like the purpose of going there is just to eat and nothing else.

It's meal time ... gin hai a loi... ^^

Then we came back with snackssss ... especially the cheese ham snacks that we didn't see in Malaysia before.... what have I lost man ....

Then we ate again wth hahah .. non-stop eating ^^ *burp*

We ate in Aree Bar Bar restaurant haha ... oh gosh look at those Thai characters, it's like almost impossible to learn >.<

Do they wanna fight? Or do they want tourists to fight? Fight Changeing? Change fighter? hahaha ...