Monday, October 31, 2011

Respect My Single Life

As I was thinking the other day, an ex colleague suddenly crossed my mind. It's an ex colleague I have no longer kept in touch with. When we were working, we were not some close bonded colleagues, and we were not working side by side. We were just working in the same department, not sub-department. Sometimes, we don't even see each other once a month.

Yeah, 4 years ago, she commented something really really ridiculous. She found out that I was going out drinking that night. She asked if my bf minds about it. At that age, do I really need a bf at that time? I smell freedom, okay. Plus, I didn't say that I have a bf, so what makes her think that I have. I said, why not, I don't even have a bf. She then gave a very dramatic response like, where in the world have I been that I do not have a bf. Hello? Woman, you have one, planning to settle down doesn't mean that I need to have one too, right? I was young and I need to enjoy my life like some crazy ass first.

She went on nagging like why don't you have a bf. At that age, you should have one already, plan your life, settle down, have a stable life, at age 23. Are you insane or what? 23? Settle down? Stable life? What in the world is she thinking. Okay, even 4 years later, which is now, I'm still stuck in the same old me, haha enjoying it. However, I have changed a little, I don't go out all the way hardcore, I have toned down a lot throughout the years.

So, woman, are you happy now? Being a married woman entertaining all your in-laws and husband, yet you sneak out from the house to go clubbing and who knows what happens there. See, to have your life, I rather not have. I'm still happy the way it is for me now. I can do whatever I want and nobody says a single thing, because I have total control over it. You actually do not have the right to tell me what to do and what I should do at my age.

Please respect my decision to stay single. Thank You.

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