Tuesday, November 15, 2011

That Impression

When you first land yourself a job, the last thing you wanna do is to leave a bad impression of yourself to others, whether it's your superior or your colleagues. Even if you guys are the same position, that's not the right thing to do.

I know people say that it's okay to express oneself, but if expressing oneself means damaging your own image, why do you wanna do it? Being early 20s does not give you any right to bitch about the company you're currently working for. Having said you are young, you are still not forgiven. That's not an excuse to do such things.

Being inetiquette shows how unprofessional you are. You might say that it doesn't really matter since that you are only gonna stay til your salary comes out. It is this kind of mentality of these people, "it doesn't matter" that will haunt your future later on. Yes, it's just a month, so? You think, so? If you do not know yet, so-called-superior-than-the-others, I wish I could educate you that these days, big companies don't just call the names you give as referrals instead, they will check with the income tax where you were working with before. One mistake can cause you a big blow to your career.

You come to a company in a nice way, make sure you leave it in a nice way. You don't leave in a very bitter feeling. If you don't like the whole idea from how the company is, to how it's managed, do not take the job in the first place, it's simple. Why take the job, and complains about everything, and then bitches about it in front of clients? Does it really make you look more superior than the others? It just shows people one thing, that people can't rely on you, that people shall distance themselves from you. People will think you are one kind having you there, they will not be confident with you anymore. It's responsibility okay.

Continue with this kind of attitude, you will not go anywhere. You are just having your honeymoon time there is only to wait for salary. Give the job to those who need it more.

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