Tuesday, November 15, 2011

That Impression

When you first land yourself a job, the last thing you wanna do is to leave a bad impression of yourself to others, whether it's your superior or your colleagues. Even if you guys are the same position, that's not the right thing to do.

I know people say that it's okay to express oneself, but if expressing oneself means damaging your own image, why do you wanna do it? Being early 20s does not give you any right to bitch about the company you're currently working for. Having said you are young, you are still not forgiven. That's not an excuse to do such things.

Being inetiquette shows how unprofessional you are. You might say that it doesn't really matter since that you are only gonna stay til your salary comes out. It is this kind of mentality of these people, "it doesn't matter" that will haunt your future later on. Yes, it's just a month, so? You think, so? If you do not know yet, so-called-superior-than-the-others, I wish I could educate you that these days, big companies don't just call the names you give as referrals instead, they will check with the income tax where you were working with before. One mistake can cause you a big blow to your career.

You come to a company in a nice way, make sure you leave it in a nice way. You don't leave in a very bitter feeling. If you don't like the whole idea from how the company is, to how it's managed, do not take the job in the first place, it's simple. Why take the job, and complains about everything, and then bitches about it in front of clients? Does it really make you look more superior than the others? It just shows people one thing, that people can't rely on you, that people shall distance themselves from you. People will think you are one kind having you there, they will not be confident with you anymore. It's responsibility okay.

Continue with this kind of attitude, you will not go anywhere. You are just having your honeymoon time there is only to wait for salary. Give the job to those who need it more.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Malacca Day Trip @ 1st October 2011

Claudine was back here for few months this year before she went back to UK in October. For that few months, we just managed to catch up for like once in KL when she was down here. It did not happen the right time either as I was quite sick back then, so I couldn't even talk. It wasn't fun. So, three of us decided to drive down to Malacca, a day before she was supposed to fly back to UK. Who knows Aboeji came to our rescue when he said he will join us. haha.

As we arrived there, the first task to complete is to have chicken rice balls

Holy cow! You gotta be kidding me man ... do you really have to queue up under that hot burning sun just to have that chicken rice balls, well, we joined them -_-

Omg omg ... I think the last time I had this was 5 years back. It surely has shrunk.

Yeah this is a six star hotel there. The design and all is very European style.

Being us, we can't resist that lighting in the WC haha .. as always :P

Til the next time we meet ^^ Avoir

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bless You

Certain people just have the tendency and that ability to annoy others, be it friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or even clients. Yeah, clients. I'm not talking about clients being fussy and all, but it's just their God damn comments towards others.

Sometimes, it really doesn't harm you to just keep your mouth shut. If we don't acknowledge and talk to each other, I'm really okay with it. But, if you start passing on stupid idiotic remarks, I am definitely not okay with it. This one thought that we can be as close as possible and that maybe, he took things a lil too far without him realizing it. I don't know, not that I have asked. I have absolutely no interest to know anything about him. Just keep a distance and I'll be just as happy. Commenting about me being 10 years older in my uniform is not a compliment. Leaving comments like this will not be advantageous to him at all because I will return that lovely favour to him. Being not in a good mood in a morning, do not get me started. It's not that I wanna say that he's old, but he asked for it. I told him not to worry bout it because he definitely looks way much older than I do. ^^

Another weirdo came recently, leaving some really idiotic comments. Not that I wanna care and all, just ensure I do not know about it. A weirdo will always act weirdly, I understand that. He was telling this interviewee that this place is so boring, ooh like he has been working at this place for 10 years. If it's so boring, then get your damn ass out from that place, why are you working there for my client? Being a moron? Please do not try to make some really lame dry jokes as well, because we certainly do not find it at all funny. That is not humorous, that is plain boring and lame. You know why it's so boring? It's because you're not cool, and everything is weird about you. Just distance yourself. We do not entertain lame weird dudes.

May God bless you.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saengil Chukhahae Part 3

From the hotel, we supposed to walk over to Supernova but ... we asked Szb to stop by at the hotel to get us. ^^

It's my first time out with Energizer drinking. Before this, it was purely food and dinner or lunch, nothing like partying.

Tahan macho jer all ... drunk is the word haha

Dede ^__^ This is my 6th time celebrating my birthday with her ... without fail, how awesome, it will be many more years to come

SZB .... my childhood friend ... considered haha

All of us now ... thank you for coming and for being there ^^

Monday, November 7, 2011

Yang Yoseob 양요섭 - Andwae 안돼

If you have watched Poseidon ... then you will definitely know this song. It's the OST for Poseidon, Andwae (no) by Yoseob. Such beautiful voice. The translation is in the video itself, there's Korean, English and Romanji as well.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Interview

People say first impression matters. It takes only about 10 seconds to conclude your first perception on someone.

These days, I'm not sure if there are too many jobs out there or what, people become so irresponsible. When you have agreed to come for an interview, please do come no matter what. If really you do not want the job, either you have a better offer, or you're lazy, whatever the reason is, have the courtesy to call up the company to either cancel it or postpone it. Do not just vanish.

See, if you just don't show up, the next day you call again to re-schedule the interview, do you ever think people will still take you in the end of the day despite what you had done? Do you think you're the only person going for the interview? People do not really have the good impression on you anymore, so don't waste your time to call up. Geez, these people actually exist. They still have the guts to still show up, and this time, late? When you go for an interview, you don't just come and go as you like. People had set up the interview time for the convenience of both parties. You're not the queen where people wait for only you. There's no such thing.

An interview is an interview. If you're playing a fool, it just shows what kind of person are you, that you're not reliable and responsible, no punctuality as well and you're just not taking this job seriously. If you're not early, it's okay, at least be on time, on the dot. Minus another mark for being late, reason being you lost your way. Are you crazy or something? If you do not know the place, then you leave your house earlier. It's okay to be half an hour early, or even one hour, just make sure you're not late. Malaysians and the timing can never go along together.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saengil Chukhahae Part 2

It seems that we have been working there but we never seem to be able to enjoy the luxurious room that guests get to enjoy. After we got confirmed all of us are entitled to have a one night complimentary stay, except that we were not supposed to do a lot of things, which spoil all the fun, so none of us actually utilized that complimentary night stay.

First time as real guests. The best part of the whole thing is that we get free upgrade. haha. It's not just one or two upgrade to a higher category, it's much higher. How nice my ex-colleagues are. haha.

We then went over to Stadium Merdeka where there's a Korean Wave being held there. We were sitting at the numbered seats at RM200+ ticket. Though I did not get to see GD and TOP, but I was happy enough to be able to see FT Island. Expectedly, the duo will be the last to come out and we just can't afford to wait til the show ends.

The process of getting ready haha

Waste some Iphone energy

Last shot before departing ...