Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Evil Thing

There's this problem with girls that I realized. Once they get a bf, they vanish from Earth. But, that's not the issue now. It's more like girls these days only look into what they can use in a guy. Money, car, background and etc. If the guy goes after the girl, she looks into these details.

They don't even care how old are you anymore, as long as you have the money, is all that matters. I will not disagree if you say girls are just so materialistic these days. Of course, I am not saying all are like that. But, the amount of girls using guys for that sake is just too many. It's disappointing and look around you, girls going out with someone so much older. It's just sad.

Many times, I pity the guys. Yeah, it's the other way now. Girls use guys to get what they want. They can do it the other way, work for it, but they choose not to. Girls use guys to drive them around, pay for their shopping, and that's it. Sometimes, it's just so obvious and I can't help it but to feel sorry for the guys.

I can't imagine the life to live as a 20 year old, and getting a sugar daddy of maybe more than 20 years their senior as their partner. The stares from people will be so awkward. The thought of using his money to get anything you want, but in the end of the day, how can they live with that conscious? It's the pride and dignity of a girl, but I guess, they have thrown that part away from them long time ago. This is the evil cause of money.

If you had allowed money to get into your head, that's it. It's no doubt an important part of life, but you must not let it go into your head and allow it to dominate and disregard your principles and meaning of life.

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