Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women's Day

Today, March the 8th, 2012 is International Women's Day.

This is the day that highlights about women's rights all the way from the 1900s. They have come a long way going through poverty, hunger and abuse and how these women have contributed to society where women today may enjoy. This is the day where inspirational women news are highlighted but these days, it had lost its political side of it. So, it became a day for men to simply express their love to the women who had influenced in their lives from one way to another.

Women are to be loved, not to be understood. I don't know how true this may sound, but personally, both is needed haha.

I don't know what a bowl is related to Women's Day ... hmm poverty? Perhaps.

Yeah all the flowers in the world ...

Shower Gel too ... from Body Shop

There are flowers as well but I gave that to a guy. I can't just accept flowers like that, it isn't me. I can't bring myself to take the flowers. Sorry haha.

Once again, to all women in the world, Happy International Women's Day!!

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