Monday, March 26, 2012

The Rash

It was an outing last Saturday we spent the dinner at Nelayan. In fact, I really didn't know what was Nelayan all about until that day. It's actually an expensive steamboat and the selections they have was not very impressive. Moreover, the manager was not a friendly one. We were actually chased out after spending almost 500 bucks there.

So yeah after I had dinner there, my leg started to itch. I thought it's just the normal itch. I have very sensitive skin and I am fully aware of that. Hence, I just thought it's just a temporary thing that will fade after a day or so. On and off, I will have rash, but it will eventually go away. It will not get to a point that the itch becomes unbearable. Somehow, it happened this way. The weather was so humid for the last few days and that had contributed to the severity of the itch.

It spreaded to my hands on Sunday. This was obviously the mild version when it had not really attacked me. By afternoon today, it was all red and it looks really infected. It's not a nice scene for sure. It was quite serious.

So, I paid a visit to the doctor. He told me there are a few possibilities why this might have happened. It could be the food I ate. I suspected the crab. Another possibility is that I have lied down or touched a dirty surface, which then can be caused bitten by mites. Right after the dinner, all I went was to the bowling alley whereby I did not lie down. That is the reason why I am suspecting the crab, or rather the food in that place. I have enough of rash, but the rash could not get enough of me. God Bless Me.


lpj said...

likely cause by food one.. seafood dirty ma. take salad or lemon to cuci2 ur inside after makan lor.. tc n god bless u ;)

tIcKLeMe said...

get well soon, sp!!! <3

Panda said...

LPJ: haha .. i feel that it's the crab hmm ... damn, why did I eat zzz

SP: weee ... thank kiewww ^^