Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Monthly Celebration @ The Ship

It has been such a long long time since the last time I ate in The Ship. I can't even exactly remember when I did. I totally can't recall at all. Is this a sign of old-age?

I remember this though, I used to always look forward for this, the bun.

Just Sprite, even the Sprite tastes so good haha

I don't know what is this

Wait, what is this again?

This is mixed grill, I felt like I was in Heaven

Probably, I can't even remember much about those days dining in The Ship. Just out of a sudden, and it's a celebration of a particular day, I felt like eating steak. Hence, we went. I just remembered that I only order Minute Steak each time I went there many years back.

So heavenly. But, the ambiance and atmosphere isn't much the same anymore. When I went the last time, which I can't remember when, it was all quiet, dark, nice and cozy environment. When I went last Saturday, it was noisy with children crying and screaming and that's so annoying. It spoils the whole feeling. The sound pollution causes such painful experience.


lpj said...

u noe wat i kenot live without? 1) floss. 2) butang mute. i now in process invent no.2 to control my world. all the shiatz ppl speak all day sudah terlampau.

Panda said...


lpj said...

the mute button lor..u noe like the remote? juz shut everyone up.

Panda said...

Why are you talking bout mute button all of a sudden?

lpj said...

pencemaran bunyi like u say lor

Panda said...

ooh ok ok