Friday, June 1, 2012

Negative Aura

We live in a world filled with cruelty everywhere. The best person you can count on is actually yourself. Nobody else.

Negative people are people you ought to avoid. Those days, people will say, you should be there for your friends, or else what kind of friend are you. How true can that be? If they are so negative, they are only going to you to tell you their problems, then this isn't friendship in the first place. Your core friendship are based on problems and it isn't healthy at all.

My own personal belief is to help yourself first before helping the others. If I'm good and I can cope by myself, only will I be able to help you. That does not mean that you can expect me to be there for you every other time. If you are always going to the same person everytime just for the same damn reason, I really will think that there's something wrong with you.

If you keep on complaining about the same shit every single day, then the problem lies in you too. I, for one, will try my level best not to help you, but to avoid you after given a certain timeframe.

I do not believe having negative people around me. I do not believe that having negative people can improve my life. The negative aura that you give out reflects what kind of person are you in general. Even if in the beginning I am a very positive person, and having a negative person all the time with me, I end up being negative which is not what I wanna end up eventually.

So yea, the world is cruel, it's about being selfish, it's about yourself, not about others. You put yourself first, and if you keep on behaving in the same way after countless advises, please do not blame others if they start distancing themselves from you because you're the problem. It's good that if you can reflect on yourself about things like how are you as a person, it will actually do not irritate people.

It's not that something I encountered or any sort, but just saying. I don't wish to be a heroin in other people's lives. I just wanna be a heroin in my own life. That's the best I could ask for. At the same time, I don't expect people to be there for me. It's vice versa. If you have high expectations from me, I am afraid you're so gonna be disappointed. Conclusion, please don't. I am bad at meeting people's expectations. Again, just saying. Haha.


lpj said...

i tink tats ryt atitude lor.. help ourself 1st b4 others ma.. if not i fall down how??? ppl wif ryt atitude i lyk bely much^^

Panda said...

Hmm yes haha that's why we are all selfish and that's fine ^^