Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Do Your Dreams Say About You?

I heard the phrase that your dreams say a lot about you, and I don't know how true is that. To a certain extent, it might be true as there are always a reason for everything. How do you interpret your dreams in your awake life? All of my dreams are very well pictured and it's really in details.

The first weird dream I had of late was a dream that I had of SP getting pregnant, which is the last person I should dream of being in that state. She still refused to get married even after she found out that she's pregnant.

Second dream. It was a badminton competition, and it wasn't merely competition. In order to get through that, you will need to get pecked by a snake, specifically your ankle area. I dreamed that everyone were coming for me to get pecked by the snake on behalf.

Third dream. It was a company outing, we were in Penang. I dreamed that we were in the snake temple and I was all screaming for help. My senior did not help me, instead he was laughing at me.

Forth dream. I dreamed that all the seafood were coming after me, like whole lot of them and wanting to eat me up, especially the lobster. This is seriously not cool.

Fifth dream. This is just so weird. I dreamed that my colleague suddenly became a relative of mine out of nowhere. We were travelling God knows where. There were 2 white guys walking in front of us, also people we know. I was walking with a cousin. I fell and I slipped at the slope til the entrance of a place. At another separate occasion, my uncle was telling this colleague of mine that they are all going out and there's nobody at home. This colleague then replied, it's fine I can walk out to the main road to take a cab. Guess what? The house was actually my friend's house. It's just so messed up.

I did some research about dreams and it's not a good sign. Being chased, falling down are signs that indicated of insecurity, helpless, high anxiety, feeling out of control. It may also indicate a missed opportunity. I need professional help!


Anonymous said...

Dude you have got to relax a bit lols..

Why lately I feel you sound very stressed? Well if you want to talk about it i'm here to listen. Viber or what lols.. Take care k <3


Panda said...

yeah stress to the very max .. i need a breakkk