Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Danger

We were informed that the crime rate has decreased. But, knowing it from how many years we have been living here, that's certainly not true.

If you wanna know about the truth, login to Facebook and read your newsfeed. You have a few people reporting that and spreading to their friends how dangerous it is outside there, as their friends or someone they know had been a victim of snatch thefts, robberies or etc. That's what has been happening on a daily basis, I'm not exaggerating even one bit.

When the unfortunate happens, you know that you gotta report this to the police station and that is a duty and responsibility of yours to do so as a citizen even if you escape unhurt. When you finally arrive and do the reporting, all you have been told is that "it's common these days, don't bother us with all these petty things, settle if yourself." Now, it isn't just one person that had told me that, there have been quite a handful of people. Let's just say that they are really good at something, but not good at the other and the cons so happens to be your safety. So, let's just not expect anything. But, to rely on yourselves. Take extra precautions and don't take anything for granted.

That's really helpful, thank you very much. You know too that sometimes you just can't avoid that as all these can happen at anywhere and anytime. Even your own house might not be safe. Shopping malls have taken an extra role offering to shoppers an escort to your car, especially to single female shoppers. It's good to know that rather that when it happened, you report that to the authorities in charge and you have been turned away as if you wanted that to happen.

Whatever it is, it's just not safe. Please be extra careful wherever you are. You might be with your friends, but don't get too into it that you forget your own safety.

Seriously, I don't know who in the world feels paranoid in their own country. Really, I don't know who. I do. All of us do.

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