Monday, July 2, 2012

Socially Unaccepted

The nights of insomnia, sleepless nights, nightmares had all ended.

Now, is a whole new thing. For the past one week, I am getting really irritated with someone who has a similarity of someone from my past life before.

I really despise people starring, second I really dislike people talking rubbish. First of all, please don't try too hard to be socially accepted because no matter how hard you try, you will definitely be socially unaccepted. So, don't worry. Be happy. As you know, you will need to be who you are. Don't worry again, no matter what show you put on, or you are the real you, I can't accept both. Don't bother trying to talk to me because for obvious reason, I ignore you completely.

I don't entertain people talking without brains. Act dumb or real dumb, you're still dumb. That's what is a pure turn off. Not even friends, dude, we will not be friends, and never be friends. I choose my friends. I don't simply take anyone as my friends. Well, I have been proven right anyway.

In just a matter of days, you have done an absolute uncalled thing that people will not be able to accept it. In social value, you're definitely wrong. You might think it's okay to be doing certain things, so you can go ahead to do all the things in the world, but I will not. I will definitely not agree on such things because only lowlife will do such things.

If you know you have been despised or disliked, please read it clearly and move away. No matter what you do from now on to try to make things better, it will not happen. I hold my grudge. People who have their skin as thick as yours is just really damn pathetic. To be honest, you have literally been blacklisted, all from your God damn freaking actions.

You asked for it, and so now you deserve it. Everything will come back to you. It will be such a paradise not having you around, like really. It's my privilege.

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