Thursday, September 13, 2012

History of My Hair

For so many years til the day that I can remember, my hair has never been nice. It has all along been frizzy and trust me, that isn't cool at all.

In comparison to before, maybe it has improved tremendously but still it isn't on par with others because it's just disgustingly frizzy. It isn't even manageable.

During schooling days, it was short all the way, and I've never had straight hair and I thought there must be something really wrong with me. Why my hair isn't like my peers??!! WHY! It's just not right!! Grr!

Then, for the first time in my life I wanted to grow my hair long at age 18, OMG! That was a real nightmare for months and months! From one side it grew outwards, the other side, it just grew weirdly, and everything goes haywire. It's like the end of the world, nobody can save my hair anymore. No choice, did rebonding twice or thrice then I stopped.

Years passed, and I have also cut the rebonding out. But, it isn't as bad because it had passed the shoulder length level. I can sleep at ease but it doesn't mean that my hair was even near beautiful. Maybe, beautifool.

I chopped my hair off once til the length I love most in 2008. Yeah babeh .. it's boy short. I love that! Then, the pain started when I have finally decided to keep it long in 2010. Started growing my hair and Thank God, I have a pair of magic hands to save my horrible hair. The growth of the hair isn't as bad as the first ever time. At least it's stable. Hence, moral of the story, a frequent visit to a salon is essential!

That's not all, my hair had became more frizzy lately and I found out why. It's not because of the shampoo or the conditioner that I use. It's not because I have dyed my hair. The unmanageable hair came recently. I have skipped that 2 months visit to the salon. That's not all. I wash my hair usually in the night before I sleep and when I blow dry my hair, it wasn't entirely 100% dry. It was probably just 50% or lesser and that's really terrible because that is the cause of the frizziness of my hair. What I mean dry is outside and inside.

Moral of the story Part 2 ... wash during the day, and if it cannot be helped, ensure that hair is superbly dry before you lay on your bed. Maybe, I need to do some investment soon. When I dried my hair 100%, my hair looks so different. Though it isn't WOW ... but at least, I can accept it, unlike before.

I have also accepted this, I've never had straight hair, and I will never have straight hair. In fact, I do not intend to have silky straight hair. I like to have some wave and that's what I have. haha.


lpj said...

u mis sumtin wor.. eat healthy food always. sure gud hair.. no nid 2 worry or salon visit ;) trust me lor

Panda said...

yeah but living in malaysia is impossible to eat healthily