Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Common Sense

Do you know that many times, you will just know it if someone is simply not interested talking to you?

We are all humans and so, each and everyone of us have some sort of social skill. How sociable it is depending on individuality. However, if you can't even know basic stuff like this, you are practically game over to be a human.

If the other party is giving you a few worded answers, and answer is just for the sake of answering, can't you tell from there? Are you that ignorant to be going on and on and on? It's either you are being so oblivious on how people responded to you, or you are too full of yourself OR you are just trying way too hard to be accepted. This does not require a high level of intelligence FYI. This is just called basic human knowledge. If you don't even have that, what really do you have?

I have one wish, that you can leave me alone. Block me or do whatever that makes you happy because reading your life story daily is my worst nightmare. Sooner, I'll end up traumatized. However weird you may be, I find you rather amazing in some ways. So, don't be discouraged ;) Those who are not in my position, you may say that I'm such a whatever person, but if you are not standing where I am, please don't even say anything if you have nothing nice to say.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you said it hahaha

Get well soon dude~ I miss ya!

Anonymous said...

/facepalm forgot to mention..

Brian LOL

Panda said...

haha coz it's the truth !! :P haha I;m good now ... ^^ thanks for your concern