Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do or DON'T

I had a question asked to me today. If a girl has gone totally insane and out of her mind, can a guy raise his hands on her?

I know most people will say no as the answer, and especially girls, they say no matter in what circumstances it is, a guy should not raise their hands on the girls. This is usually the case, when the girl is innocent.

But, when the girl is not, I say it YES. She goes crazy, hitting the guy like a punch bag, go straggling the guy, as a defense, you should at least hit her back. Mind you, hitting to wake her up, and not abusing her. Blocking her and stopping her is not going to make a difference. Hitting her back IS going to make a difference. It might not be a right thing to do, but she deserves it and the most important, to wake her up.

Just like the most recent case on the news, like hey she was abused, there were marks on her body, but so what? It is indeed his fault for hitting her, but it does not mean that he is wrong entirely. If ever she did not do anything, will he even do this? I'm sure not. It's so obvious from the footage it was just a light push, she fell down, like wow, I must say that the falling down was impressive.


lpj said...

ppl wil not hurt others lor. unles sumtin hapen. usualy guy more reasonable 1 but got stupid bad guy also. i bely hard 2 trust gurl... nv met gud gurl b4.

Panda said...

To be honest I don't know what got into the girls head they are just mad. Nowadays I don't know of they watch too many dramas they can't differentiate between dramas and reality. They don't know what is right or wrong. They think they can hit people but others can't do it to them. Where's the equality eh