Monday, December 17, 2012

IMAX TGV is open

After the long wait renovation, TGV IMax 1 Utama finally opened its doors few days ago. This time it's located the floor above Isetan and the escalator is located just outside Toy R Us.

It looks so much better now compared to before which is way bad. I mean, it has to be better right? The settings and all is pretty awesome I feel. Nice!

So, that's when I watched Life of Pi, the fantasy adventure novel that was written many years back, directed by Ang Lee. It's about a boy who was looking for who he is spiritually, who was the only survivor or the only few ones from a shipwreck. He then gotta survive with a tiger called Richard Parker. It's quite a meaningful movie, worth a watch.

The next day, I watched The Hobbit. Despite its box office success, it's definitely not something I have enjoyed. It was very draggy and boring. The not-so-much adventure took us just a lil under 3 hours sitting there. The question is, is it really even necessary to produce this movie? Hmm. Maybe, it's a much simpler version of the whole LOTR, it focused on the hobbit with the drawfs. I think I enjoyed the part with Gollum the most haha.


Cece said...

I MAX in Wangsimni?

Panda said...

Haha where is that? This is in Malaysia :P