Friday, December 7, 2012

Tom, Dick & Harry

Few weeks back, Dede brought me to a place called Tom, Dick & Harry. It isn't your typical club or bar in KL where it's filled with loud music and chaotic crowd. It isn't anything like that. So, if you are looking for those, this is not a place for you.

Anyways, it was my first time there after seeing so many check ins by my friends in FB. This is MY turn to check in. I went to the quietest outlet which is in Old Klang. There was just one table occupied before I walked in. This is in fact a really nice place to hang out, or just to chill out with friends.

You know those noisy places, you need to scream and shout on top of your lungs to talk to the person opposite you. Afraid not, this is cool. It's a very olden days style of bars back in the days in the western countries which I like it a lot. It reminds me in some ways about Pickwick in Luzern. Awesome. Pickwick is like one of the most happening place there few years back!! Well, not that I'm there now, so I'm not sure if that remains. The place will be full especially during a football match. Back then, being much younger I opted for a club. Now that I'm bored with clubs, I prefer a chill out place instead and this is a place I will definitely return.


lpj said...

ask u sumtin hor.. how much u tink u wud pay 4 2nd hand ifon4 ah^^

Panda said...

Below 1000 maybe not sure haha

lpj said...


lpj said...

my fren selin ifon n dis iz d conversation v hv le...

me: how much ah
she: 1k

me: buy ori 2.2k izit. if so i kalkulaid now worth oni 700 wor
she: but my unit stil niu. les den 2yrs le..

me: ok lor but i dun get rebat wat.. so how bout 750
she: 850 best price d

me: ok i giv u best fatt2 offer - 688!
she: klik


Panda said...

Hahaha then how

Anonymous said...

I've been to tdh in ttdi, I liked it very much ^^ try the tokyo cocktail its awesome yo!

They recently opened a one in pavilion called tdh lite, a bit too noisy for me :P

Yes I'm spamming you cos you're still awake at this hour hahaha

lpj: how many gb? If 16gb it is about rm800 lowest so far for < 2 year old phone :D


Panda said...

Yeah that's what my friend told me the one in Pavillion is a bit too crowded thus noisy haha

lpj said...

dede: klik liao

brain: tq hor

Panda said...

What's klik lolz

lpj said...

end of konvesation lor