Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Namewee's Parody on Listen Listen Listen

Haha. This is damn funny, a parody of the real issue that happened few days back. That guest panel who acted very unprofessionally, who acted rather rudely to the student just because she's an O Level and she herself is a degree holder. She emphasized that we must respect the adults. What I don't know is that we should respect adults that do not deserve to be respected.

She questioned on the students education stating that she's not educated. From the original video, it is clearly shown who was the one who is not educated, who interrupted the students questions, not answering it instead compared humans to the animals, took the mic away and when a guy wanted to say something, she disallowed.

I did not know our education system had become so bad. When someone speaks, you need to listen, said she. But, she did not listen to the student either. Does that make sense? You call that Q&A session. WOw, interesting. Our education is always a one way thing. The teachers speak and they wouldn't care students got it. They have delivered, and they get paid. At least, most are like that. Oh animals are problematic, says she. So is she and even much more problematic than all the animals, trust me.

Personal attack and humiliation on a public forum. That's very interesting indeed. Good job, woman. I'm surprised such "leader" exist and going hiding for what happened is not going to be forgotten. I don't know what is going to happen to the new generation for having a "leader" as such. Honestly, this is worrisome.

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