Thursday, January 3, 2013

Korean Golden Disk Award

The Korean Golden Disk Award is going to be held in Sepang this month. There are more than 20 international Korean acts that are coming down. How exciting. Deep down, how I really wish I can go! I know it's just a wishful thinking.

Those who do not know, it's equivalent to the Grammy's Award. It's so near yet so far. It's impossible to be buying the tickets. Those who say they wanna go and wanna get the tix, nice try! Like wow, you're definitely going.

Before you guys can even tell me that sentence, I already know the price. It's not something you and I can afford as tickets are priced at a close to 700 bucks and 1000 bucks. So, dream. Unless you are that rich, then please support it.

I might not be able to afford that, but for sure, I am supporting it in different ways such as, voting haha.


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome but why the tickets so expensive? =.="


Panda said...

Yeah it's terribly expensive coz it's like Grammy's Award haha so many acts r performing hmm