Friday, January 11, 2013

No English?

For so many years I've been out, I've never encountered such drastic language barrier.

See, we went to buy some stuff from a Korean shop. They have branches elsewhere and those other branches I have no issue with. The girls were helpful and nice. Just no issue.

My colleague and I walked in. I wasn't buying so I was just looking. My colleague wanted to buy and the difference is she will ask the sales girl if she wanna know something unlike me I'll just put it back and walk off if I ever have doubts.

So my colleague asked some question, and sales girl looked at me, expecting me to do the translation from Chinese. Little did she know that I am not capable of that. I ignored the both of them and walked away.

Again, she wanted to say something to my colleague but don't know how. She looked at me again. Well to be honest, even of I speak the language I wouldn't translate that because I'm not paid.

Seriously, are you really serious about not being able to speak a word of English except Thank You? See, you are not in China. If we are all in China, I wouldn't expect you to speak English but if you do that's awesome. If you are in this country and you can't speak, I don't know where have you been. I have no issues with broken English. I just have it with zero knowledge of English in Malaysia.

This is what happens when you play during the English lessons in school. I've never paid attention to my English lessons because they were teaching the wrong stuff k. I have a concrete reason not to pay attention.

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