Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When A Relationship Ends

When one relationship ends, it is only realistic and sensible to learn from it so that when you go to the next one, you do not repeat the same old mistake.

That's how theoretically it supposed to be. But, when you look at your surrounding, your friends, your acquaintances, people you know, don't practice this. Instead, from one sucky relationship, they plunge into a suckier one.

Things are not going to change if you do not change. Better guys or girls will not come to you if you remain everything the same. The universe works this way. If you keep on believing that annoying guys or shallow girls will be your next gf or bf, then it will happen just the way you believe. It is that kind of aura or energy that attracts them to you. If you want it to be different, if you want better quality guys or girls, push the annoying ones away. You may not be able to stop them from liking you, but you have every right to push them away, far far away.

If your past relationship used to have guys mistreat you, it's only rightful that you leave. When the same type of guys approach you, do not ever think about getting close. Perhaps, desperation plays a part but, if all you ever wanted was just to get married and nothing else, well, you definitely need to see what's your priority. Getting married before 30 with bad quality or getting married at a later time but everything seems right and he's the guy you can rely on. Which will you choose? In fact, many girls I know have the same issue, they all want to get married before 30 and I don't know why. I feel that's a lil too early. Why are you chasing and rushing, then regret later. In this case, it's better to go for arrange marriage.

If you say that girls used to look at the guys' car, money, or house and you despise that. Just look at the guys these days, they do the same. They only "like" you or decide to go after you after seeing your big house. As shameful as it is, there are girls who fall into the prey of these jerks and losers. Very very unfortunate.


cece clex said...

Very impressive. I totally agree with you. To meet better person, I myself should try to be better person.!!

Panda said...

Haha yeah hopefully you will meet a nice 남자 soon 화이팅!!