Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No religion teach you to disrespect and humiliate yourself

Sometimes, I really do wonder, like if someone has such low mental strength (it had come to a point of being unhealthy), I'll just assume that they are lost, they do not have any direction in life.

I grew up having people around me belong to different religions. I have seen a few religions and all of them have good teachings. They teach you good things and they show you to the right path. That's what I always believe. So, at least, when you come to a crossroad in life, or when you feel you are lost at some point of your life, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, you have somewhere you can rely on, to believe.

Only people like me, when you are lost, you go to someone else. Or, rely on yourself. You have no other place to depend on, it's best to believe in yourself. It sounds very self-centred, but that's how the world works, right?

Never in my mind would have thought that someone who gives out the impression they are so religious would have a weak mind like that. If you hold true to your religion, I believe it's not easy to influence you. Even the most basic ever thing of having respect of yourself and knowing your self-worth is a foundation of being a human. How can you disrespect yourself like that? How can you not know your self-worth that you shouldn't be throwing yourself over to a guy, like forcing him to accept you. Even having him said no to you, you still end up chasing after him, losing all your pride that a woman should have. I just can't believe I need to witness stuff like that. I honestly do not want because it shows hos disgusting and how low a woman can get. That's rather pathetic and disappointing to know a counterpart is doing things as such.

Even though I only have a religion by written, I have strong belief of myself. It's not about what religion you belong to, but I do believe that you do good, and have good karma. Religions generally teach you to be a good person and have a good heart. I do not have an angelic heart, but at least, I know what I'm worth. Of course, I know where exactly I stand out in a society. I rather lose everything I have than to lose my pride and dignity.

No religion teach you to disrespect and humiliate yourself

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