Sunday, March 3, 2013

2 Types

There are two main types of couple around, the distant one but stay together, the PDA one but dramatic.

So, I believe the normal one is the distant one. They don't show it to the public but we don't know what happens behind, right? That's absolutely not important because we are all taught to be civilized and to know how to behave in public.

The second one is the one that we call the 이상한 커플 (weird couple). The one that you feel you are watching some dramas because honestly, it's a non-stop drama. The girl of the couple will usually be an insecure, dramatic girl that needs attention a lot and the guy probably doesn't give that enough to her because maybe, she's expecting too much from it. You can see they argue and get back together like as if you take a shower and get out from the bathroom. It's so often that when she seeks attention from him via the social networking site, you just don't wanna know what happens and you don't even feel that's abnormal. This is the type of girl that will tell the whole world what happens without being asked.

There's actually one resolution to this, to break up for good and never get back together, ever. It will do yourself good, the guy, and the whole wide world. If you are arguing so often, it shows that the other person is probably not meant for you. Arguing may be normal only to a certain extent, but if that is always happening, it is not acceptable anymore.

If breaking up means unfriending that other person in FB and having all his friends on your list, you are so damn freaking pathetic. Showing the whole world your problems is not going to change anything. Whoever you are, you are not a Queen and you can't do anything as you please. If I am the guy, I'll definitely ditch her for once and for all, get lost as it will not benefit me instead it cause me lots of stuff for having this kind of relationship.

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