Tuesday, March 12, 2013

한국: Day 3 Part 2

After our visit in the museum, we went over to the Cafe to have our tea time. It's all in green tea form, whether it's desserts or beverages. Afterall, it's a green tea museum.

This is green tea Latte

Green tea ice-cream. This is awesome. It isn't too sweet, just nice.

Since there were so many people there, you don't have to wait in queue to have your food or drinks ready. Find a place to sit, and this black thing will ring. It's much more awesome than the ones here.

Not to forget the green tea cake. Texture is just perfect. The ones we have all tried isn't too sweet unlike some cakes you have tasted sometimes may be a lil too sweet.

We then got caught in the middle of nowhere because that's where O'Sulloc is located. We tried catching a bus but the bus that passed us were all tourists bus. Oh and not to forget it was drizzling.

There we walked out and saw a bus stop. Of course, being as blur as we have always been, we asked Ahjussi who were nice enough to tell us where to stop and told us he's also going to that place and asked us to follow him when he gets down from the bus. How nice people there, right? The term of do not talk to strangers don't always apply. haha.

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