Tuesday, March 26, 2013

한국: Day 4 Part 1

This is already the 4th day, which meant that we have left Jeju Island. We barely spent in Jeju Island as it was purely visiting. The moment we touched down to Seoul, all hell breaks loose. There's nothing that we can control. For obvious reason, we overspent on the very first day. What kept us a lil bit sane was the very bit of sightseeing there.

We visited the National Folks Museum which located not exactly far from where we stayed.

Look at them how fit all of them are?! In comparison, we just take the fittest one that we have here. It's really not something we can compare. They are tall, they are fit. We are just talking about cops. Damn!

This is an important place whereby we were prohibited further by taking pictures. It's not like I know who lives here. After that, I found out haha. At least, I understood what the police lady said. hehe.

That's where we went, the National Folk Museum of Korea. Throughout the country, I believe there are multiple Folk Museums. Even in Jeju itself, there were a few there.

The Korean kids, look much more innocent than the ones here

Tadaaaa ... here we come

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