Saturday, March 16, 2013

Taking Advantage

Some people really do take advantage of what they have or what can they get for free, don't just they do that?

Many that you see are mostly discounts in malls and etc, people take advantage I supposed it is totally acceptable though sometimes it may be a sore to the sight. What's not acceptable is that when people invite you for a dinner and despite not having to pay anything, you eat like as if you paid for everything there, or you drink like as if it you supplied.

No matter what, you did not pay a single penny and yet acted like as if you own the place, you paid for every single food and drinks.

Even though alcohol is expensive, and that you got it free there, you really don't have to max out. Where is the courtesy? None. What can you expect out of people as such. Well, I guess though you don't expect them to be all highly civilized, I do not expect as well them to be acting like barbarians. Thank God that some people are just meant to be acquaintance at the surface, which means, it can be as good as zero.

Sadly, we do have people like that. It isn't just one, but there are a whole lot of them out there. I am sure that you, somehow, would have met people like that around in any phrase of your life. You just feel so bad for people around them. Hmm.

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