Monday, May 27, 2013

Is coffee for you?

Ah coffee has always been my daily life since I was in primary. Somehow, it stopped when I entered college til my first ever job. I only started again on my second job. I don't need coffee to stay awake on my first job haha, I wonder how did I make it through. During my internship, for sure, I had coffee on a daily basis as that was a restaurant, how can I not have coffee there, right?

Recently, I had couple of times, dine in, coffee apart from my daily dose of coffee. Cappuccino!

I'm sure you guys know what is it, Cappuccino haha. It's a combination of espresso, hot milk and steam milk foam. I like it with cinnamon though. Nowadays, they have all kinds of pattern made with the form. I love that a lot. I had this in J&D Espresso in Oasis BU 11. The ambiance is great except the selections of food are rather limited and it's quite costly.

This made me wide awake til 3am that day. I should not have taken it but I cannot resist temptation of this Cafe Latte. I had this in Red Bean Bag. This place is recently coming up. Cozy place, big portion, casual feeling. Awesome!


Charles said...

That sounds awesome, that atmosphere is what everyone looks for in their establishment Or at least that's what I look for. I really need to just visit Malaysia when I have the chance. I've only been talking about it for the last five or six years.

Panda said...

yeah ... and it will soon be 10 years lolz