Thursday, May 23, 2013

Satay Celup in Malacca

Those who have lived here in Malaysia would have known bout this dish before. It's not something you would have eaten any other day if you are not from Melaka or Malacca.

I know the existence of this food but not a common one. We don't have that in KL. Even if I can find it here, I don't think I wanna eat it. It's always better to go to the originals to eat it right? The entire feeling is different.

I am very sure us tourists only know bout Satay Celup in Capitol. It may be popular for us, so why not try a new spot since that we don't like waiting. Ahh from my observation in Ban Lee Xiang, apparently it's very localized there. Perhaps, this is catered for locals? One thing for sure, be prepared for the heat. I was sweating like a cow. I have just forgotten bout that part, this shows I've not eaten this in yearssssssss. The last time I had this was back in 2006. Damn! It's a freaking 7 years hiatus!

Maybe I should find out why it's called Satay Celup. It's not to be confused with the normal satay. It's more similar to steamboat with the satay stick and cannot be consumed by Muslims.


Charles said...

Damn that looks good.

Panda said...

and it tastes good. Not sure if it suits you, but try it one day :D