Monday, May 6, 2013

Stand Strong

15 years ago or was it 10 years ago, I remembered that during the election, which I wasn't eligible to, I followed my dad to the polling center. I asked him, which party was he voting for back then. He told me Party D. I wondered why back then, because I always thought Party B is good, it's the best. Only when I grew up, I finally understood why.

Yesterday, was my time to vote. Without a doubt, I have cast my vote exactly like what my dad had chosen at least 10 years ago. It wasn't an influence but I am doing what I feel is right.

It was a very crucial day for us. Have you had dreams? A dream and wish that finally is going to come true, which was right in front of you upon your eyes, and the next thing you know, is all shattered. Due to very unforeseen circumstances which was planned, it had all crumbled with just a blink. We all could not believe what we were seeing, how impossible was that yet it happened.

Ah, do you know what's the similarity of a fraudster and a magician? No difference, they both cheat. :D

Having our hopes high, dreams higher, and faith the highest, we will still strive for the best and we should not give up just yet. We will fight til the very last breath. It's not just about this, but bout everything. We should fight til what you can contain. Fight for what you believe in, and for what you feel is right. As long as you have your conscious mind, whether it is right or wrong, nobody have that right to question you because that is what you truly believe in.

May we live strong and we are all fighters, right? :D We shall prevail, and we shall stand strong to protect what we believe and what we love.

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