Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just A Week

The time has finally come, that it will be over in a week's time, more like in a few days time.

This means that happy that finally it is coming to an end, and in the other hand, I wouldn't work out so much like how I am currently doing.

Many had told me I've lost weight and after like 3 people telling me the same thing, I think there may be some truth in it.

Though losing weight is not so much of a great news, but I definitely feel healthier. Sweat it out and that feels great.

It comes to another point. Having just one class a week after this is maybe not entirely bad, but more like, phew, I can minimize the meetings I have. So many things happened and I don't feel right anymore meeting someone that I don't quite fond of anymore.

It is not so much about being me, but more towards your bahaviour and attitude. If someone's attitude is crap, I don't wish this person to be in my circle too. We have weirdos around in our lives I know but if I can avoid having them in my life, I will do just that to save myself from terror.

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