Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 5

Tada...We had a bit of rest first before we continue our journey, driving across Langkawi. We were heading towards the Seven Wells but we mistakenly drove into Shereton. Shereton was such a beautiful place. It looks familiar only to realize that I have stayed there when I was 10 or 11. Omg, that's like so damn long ago!

That's us under the hot sun, but with the help of the hut, we managed to get some shed for a couple of minutes

We arrived at the base line of Telaga Tujuh. It was rather steep and climbing hundreds of steps is no joke under the hot weather. Though there were trees for shed, it's not that much of a help either. After 300 plus over steps, it was too much to take. When we looked up, it was like never-ending. Three of us then decided to take a U-turn and head towards the waterfall instead. It is said that at the top of the place and the wells, fairies came to bathe.

It was very cooling there at the waterfall. On the way, there were so many monkeys around and they looked like as if they wanted to attack innocent souls like us haha

Ahh, what a beautiful place. We were there for hours. After so many people came and left, we were still there enjoying the breeze.

Finally, the Vios that we rented. Haha. I guess this is the only time that I actually enjoy driving. I have always liked being driven around haha. The carpark fee only cost 2 bucks. So park all you want.

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