Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ideal Type

Have you ever come across people telling you their ideal gf/bf and what they look for in a partner. The next thing you know, they come telling you they now have a gf/bf with the opposite characteristics of what they have told you.

"Ooh I want someone who is sporty, who has attitude, and preferably short hair." The next thing you know is they come telling you they like otherwise. How things change in just a split second. Haha.

"I like someone who is matured, I like someone who can take care of herself." The next thing you know, "I have a gf now, and she's very young and we have a huge age gap."

OMG?! But, we all know why. It's because these girls so conveniently appear in front of them. Not because these girls possess the characteristics that those guys had put in their mindset. More like, they are in front of them at that point of time. So, why not? It's because they cannot ask for too much. Otherwise, they end up forever alone. This is, reality.

I've read a few articles before, that if we do find someone outside from what we have pictured, it is most likely that it will not work out. So, it's advisable to stick what you have put in mind. Seek validation of someone who suits you. Of course, it can change from time to time as we grow as a person.

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