Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Emotions

Of late, I have been surrounded by emotional people, both girls and guys. Everyone has emotions, and some has more than the others. This isn't entirely a good thing. They probably act upon something based on their emotions and how they feel towards a certain something.

Honestly speaking, I don't quite fancy hanging out too much with overly emotional or sensitive people. You gotta watch your words, you gotta accommodate and tolerate their emotions. The whole point is, why should I? They succumb to their emotions. They don't think, they feel and that's annoying. So, we have to understand them all the time, I see.

Some of them feel that others should accommodate them just because they are some emotional creatures. They don't think about the consequences. Even after all that had happened, they just don't realize it and maybe, they can never see things from our eyes. It's logical thinking, if you feel sorry for you being in that way, all you need is to rectify the situation should has damage been done.

I feel that it's only acceptable when you are in your late teens and very early 20s. After you have reached to an age where you are responsible for yourself, this should not even bother you. Only now, I realize that this isn't the case. If you have a reason to be, fair enough. But, if you are always being down and all just for whatever reason it is, then you got yourself to blame.

Next, they talk about themselves all the time. It's not that I have anything to tell about myself. But still, sometimes, they need to realize it's not all about them and their emotions that I need to know. I know, they just wanna lay off and to tell someone so that they feel better. But, I don't feel any better listening to all those stuff all the time. It will enhance negativity. It's always about them being down. In anyway if they are not down, then it's something about them for sure. Is it really that great telling your stuff to me? OMG! I don't feel it. I must be missing something. Hmmph. It's time to grow up and learn to handle it internally.

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