Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 7

Haha, well I knot this is already the 7th part but please bear with me. The last time we were in Langkawi, we somehow could not manage to catch the sunset on time. It's either we are out to town or we are elsewhere that we have planned the time wrongly that we have missed it. This time, we make sure that we witness it. There's no other choice or option or any other days to replace it, 2nd day is a MUST see sunset.

I love the view like that, a typical beach but I love it. You have the shed and the sun shines through it.

That's us of course. Nice to have a beer to chill out with together with some snacks. This was Sugar, fatCUPID's sister bar. Great place to hang out along the beach witnessing the beautiful view at the beach.

This is a mistake, I should have waited for about another 10-15 minutes to go just above the water.

Ooh ... the breeze


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