Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Married vs Unmarried

The divorce rate is getting so high. The ages are getting younger and younger and it's not even a joke.

Before anyone gets married, they should think thoroughly before they wanna plunge into this kind of life. It needs both parties to be fully committed, not just one sided thingy. If the other is not keen and just get talked into it, this will most probably not last. Furthermore, of course, you need to get married to the right person.

There's always a misconception that girls are the one that want to get married and have a family and the guys are not so keen about it. If you are one of them who has that, please think again because there are a few perfect examples that clearly shows that isn't the case anymore. We don't live in the 80's.

If you are not the marrying kind, you most probably will not. What I'm saying is, with the right person of course. It's even better to just be together and not get married rather than having certificate that you're married and not last. But, considering the culture that we have here, that is most unlikely to happen.

If that's not what you want, I feel this should be brought up and addressed in the beginning. It will be so difficult for 2 individuals to be together when they have different beliefs, different paths, and different directions. If that's what not what you want, it's best you voice that out, rather than to drag it after 5 years. It's either you live with it, or you quit.

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