Friday, November 15, 2013

Acting all cute-sy

At times, I just don't know if I should pity some people, or I should laugh at them. The fact that they think people are so in love with them just because they act all "cutesy."

Oh just because they feel they are the cute one, they think they can take advantage of people's kindness and use them to get free stuff, without having the need to use a single cent. Their intention? Purely to use these people. Lead them on, and on and on. That's what they are good at.

People change, and they will eventually realize that these hopeless and tragic species are just purely disastrous. "Oh this guy likes me." "That guy likes me." So, we ask? Is there really nothing more to life than that? It's all covered under the thick make-up anyway. I wish people like that get the karma running after them soon. I just cannot withstand seeing people using others in this way. It's really atrocious. It's so loathsome to the human race. Man~

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