Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Libran's Birthday Part 3

Then, there comes the next celebration.

It's a perfect Wednesday awaited me. First, was coffee in Starbucks. It was a very pleasant tea time before we head to our dance session. Wednesday is always a good day.

The bar~ Alcohol there was tempting.

That's us. We dined in Zander in Publika. It was a very relaxing night but if ask to review the restaurant, I am not impressed with it. It was average, nothing really stands out. The service maybe should train the staff on where professionalism lies and where the line is of being overly friendly? It will be a great idea.

2 days later, we headed over to Publika again. That was my third time there for that week.

Haha, he treated Korean dinner yay! And also the beer. Weeeee ^^

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