Monday, December 9, 2013

Annual Dinner 2013

We had our annual dinner end of November. The only event every employee is looking forward to because this is the only chance you get to win big prizes if you are lucky enough. There were performances from each department and stuff like that.

This is a very important factor - the food. Well, to be honest, the food was horrendous. It was tasteless and the transition of the food was too fast. We did not get to eat at our own pace. But, again, it's not like I ate. I ate one chicken, one fish, and some other small stuff. The rice was really bad and no, I don't enjoy one bit at all. A place like Grand Hyatt? It's just the name. I am not asking too much, and it's a fair expectation from a five star hotel.

Then, Steffy arrived. Haha. When the first few rounds of lucky draw was being called out. It means small stuff like vouchers.

Then, the group picture of us hehe.

Did you see a member of the Alley Cats? hahaa ... oh god~

The few of us again hehe

Oh only to realize that she was my senior back in college. OMG?

With fungiko haha

Ah I guess I was lucky enough to win this, Polaroid camera. One of the 2 lucky ones that won something bigger than a voucher. I must be really really lucky that day. My lucky stars during an annual dinner hehe.

After the dinner, it's us. Tiger, Mas and myself waiting for an after event plans. haha.

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