Friday, December 20, 2013

Farewell Boogie

It was the last ever meeting we had as Athena members. Things will change. 2 had left us for good, one back to Japan, and the other back to UK. How time flies huh?

We had all met with the same passion. That's how it brought all of us together. It is when we go through certain things, we got closer. I wasn't as lucky to get through everything, I joined just in May this year, so I missed the anniversary party and the others. Things will definitely not be the same, but it's great pleasure to be in class with everyone there. Now that 2 of the members had decided to move on, we shall also move on. We will definitely get a chance to cross path again :)

All of us~

Who would have believed she's 6 months pregnant :O

Awww! >_< haha

Finally, a selfie from an Iphone 5s. haha. Hopefully, we are able to meet up next year in London hehe.

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