Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Please disappear

It is amazing that, I have millions and millions of nerves in my body and I just wonder how certain people managed to get on every single one of them. It is possible, but it's not often. So, the person that managed to do that either are so despicable or he or she went into full retard.

I always believe that if one person dislike you, it may be that person's issue. But, if 10 people dislike you, then you are definitely the problem. It is always the attitude that puts people off and I believe, this will be no different. You can say, people are so judgemental towards you. Tell me, which human being on earth are not. They, every one of us, to a certain extent, do that. It's just a matter of the intensity.

If all you do is to boast and brag for something small you have done, I suggest that you shoot yourself. Furthermore, I just don't understand how people laugh at times. It came out so unnatural, and it's always very fake. I don't care how attention seeker you are, but, do not irritate me. I guess, some people just don't understand the meaning of interruption and respect. What's important is you know when you should keep your mouth shut.

If you are alone, people don't ask you out, people don't talk to you, people don't enjoy your company, you should do some self reflection. It's really shocking like how people like that can still think really highly of themselves. People had despised you and with that kind of reaction and response they give you, can't you feel even a little? Just to let you know they are not jealous or anything that you have, because others certainly have more. It reached to a point that people had a mutual detest against you. Why don't you just disappear? :D

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