Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Busan Day 1 Part 1

This was last year's trip back in end of September to early October. Since that I have tried Spring, I shall now try during Fall, except that Fall came late last year. Boo! It feels so summer. Damn!

Arrived at Gimhae airport in Busan.

It's very important to have subway maps in Korea. I'm not sure about other places, but Korea is a must. You're practically travelling around with subways, unless you are rich and loaded, then cab that is.

Then, subway to the hostel too

First meal of the day isn't too bad, except, I don't know what I ate. This is the first time they did not cook for us. Usually, the employees will cook and we as the customers just eat what we are supposed to eat

As I was there in Busan, they were preparing for one of the biggest event in Busan, if not the biggest. The Busan International Film Festival. I just missed it by a day. How distressing and tragic.

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