Saturday, March 15, 2014

2013 Busan Day 3 Part 3

I've spent quite a few hours in Taejongdae. How can I walk that fast and not feeling tired. That's impossible. Right after lunch, we headed there, and I finished the hike just before dinner. Omg, can you imagine how exhausted I was. I slept so darn well that night.

This is the perfect place for sea viewing point

This is the famous "Mother and Childrean Statue." This is to remind those who want to commit suicide on their mother's unconditional love, and this will hopefully discourage them to commit suicide, instead encourage them not to give up on life and move on with life.

You can zoom in and out here

All these are I believe people who had sacrificed. Just not sure what did they sacrificed for.

Finally, a meal before the night. There were restaurants nearby Taejongdae. Just hopped into one.

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